Monday, November 30, 2009

Zbigniew Seifert - Man Of The Light

Polish violinist Zbigniew Seifert (1946 - 1979), affectionately known as Zbiggy, was one of the most promising figures of the jazz scene in Poland until his early death at the age of 32. He was a member of Tomasz Stanko's quintet (1969-73), Hans Koller's Free Sound and he recorded with Joachim Kuhn, Oregon, Volker Kriegel, Jasper Van’t Hof, Wolfgang Dauner and Charlie Mariano. As a solo artist his music ranged from free jazz to fusion to funk. Although he played sax, Seifert switched to violin and became known for his fierce improvisational style. This record was recorded in 1976 and it has now been remastered and re-released on CD in 2010 by Promising Music. Personnel are Billy Hart on drums, Joachim Kühn on piano, Jasper Van’t Hof on keyboards, Cecil McBee on bass along with Seifert on violin.
Track Listing:
1. City Of Spring (sampled above)
2. Man Of The Light
3. Stillness
4. Turbulent Plover
5. Love In The Garden
6. Coral


  1. Check out Erin Harper's documentary about Seifert!

  2. Thanks so much for the information. Now I am hooked on finding the rest of the recordings to form the complete picture. I hope I get to see the documentary soo.