Monday, November 9, 2009

Head Hearts & Hands

Head, Heart & Hands was a group based in Germany formed by members of Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Roy Louis on guitar, Guillermo Marchena on drums & vocals, Elmer Louis on congas & percussion, Wolfgang Schmid on bass plus Geoff Stradling on piano & keyboards, and Bobby Stern on sax. This first LP was released in 1978 on Metronome Records and it showcases the talent of these musicians striving to make a statement on their own and achieving it through good writing and great performances. Unfortunately this item has never been released on CD. Rip generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World.
Track Listing:
1. Funky Bunker
2. Force (Part I & II)
3. The Source
4. Dahtz (sampled above)
5. Kayal
6. Convergence Of Unities
7. Bottom Line
8. Arauca


  1. Never heard it, but looking forward to listening. Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for taking an interest on this album and on the blog, keep those comments coming!!!