Monday, November 2, 2009

David Sancious - Forest of Feelings

David Sancious released his first LP in 1975 right after he left Bruce Springsteen’s backing group, The E-Street Band. On this revolutionary and amazing balance between jazz and rock, Sancious plays everything except drums and bass. The power trio crosses lyricism with raw power. Personnel consists of is David Sancious on piano, guitars, organ, keyboards, percussion, vocals and bells, Gerald Carboy on bass, Ernest Carter on drums and percussion. Billy Cobham produced it and played Timpani on a few tracks. Reissued in the 90’s with a *previously unreleased track but now available (2014) thanks to the iniciative and effort of Esoteric Recordings/Cherry Red Records.
Track Listing:
1. Suite Cassandra (sampled above)
2. Come on If You Feel up to It (And Get Down)
3. East India
4. Dixie/March of the Conditioned Souls
5. Dixie/Civil War of the Soul
6. The Forest of Feelings
7. Joyce, No. 8
8. Crystal Image
9. One Time
10. Further in the Forest of Feelings
11. Promsise of Light* (Bonus Track)


  1. Thanks for Suite Cassandra. I had this LP when I was in high school. Loved it. Miss it.

  2. Thank you, thank you. This is something I'd never thought I'd hear again...THANK YOU!

  3. Why isn't this album available? At least Suite Cassandra should be!

  4. Thank you. bless your Bones.