Friday, November 6, 2009

John Lee & Gerry Brown - Chasers

The formidable duo of bassist John Lee and drummer Gerry Brown recorded Chaser for Columbia in 1979. This time they produced yet another solid fusion effort blending jazz, rock, funk and a bit of disco. Unlike their third album Still Can't Say Enough, it departs from the vocals and it concentrates on formidable instrumentals. It features Eef Alberts and Darryl Thompson on guitars, Kenneth Knudsen on keyboards and synthesizers, Palle Mikkelborg on trumpet and Bobby Malach on tenor sax. Rip generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World.
Track Listing:
1. Chaser
2. Will It Last?
3. Fate Ripper
4. Daily Planets
5. Celebration
6. What It If (sampled above)
7. New Waves
8. Prospect Park



  1. Thanks so much! I loved this one when it came out. I lost it long ago, so this is very welcome.

  2. One of my favourite Jazz rock albums of all time. Eff Albers is an underdiscovered (Focus accepting)Jazz Rock superstar. Thanks you so much for this.

  3. I still have it on vinyl and i’m listening to it right now. A very good album indeed.

  4. I worked in a record store when this LP came in as a promo copy. An instrumental project like this held ZERO appeal for the rest of the staff, as this was DISCO TIME(!). As a rocker; jazz/rock fusion fan, I latched onto; listened religiously. I had never heard of the duo, but always kept an ear out for future material. I loaned the copy to someone; when it was returned warped I was heart-broken. Fortunately, I received a second promo, so now I have TWO COPIES!

  5. There 1976 Recording is out in Japan on 24bit CD
    so I hope this 1979 Rare recording
    is soon on a 24bit CD Japan Made, Limited Edition

    1. Thanks for sharing the info.
      Could you provide any links to that Limited Edition?, I searched but could not find it.
      Thanks in advance


    Thats the USA seller
    and I buy mine diurect from HMV Japan.

  7. Thanks, yes, it seems the 1976 album "Still Can't Say Enough" will be released as a Japanese Import on Jan 23 2013.

  8. Oh! This was a splendid slab of vinyl. I just remembered it the other day when listening to Wayne Shorter. I hope my disk is still in the boxes in the basement. I'm gonna dig it this weekend! Thanks!


    Also Mango Sunrise 1975 is soon on Japan CD.

    So it will not be long for the final Chaser to come on 24bit limited edition Japan CD.

  10. Still waiting for this to come out of CD. It is a sin that it still hasn't happened!