Saturday, November 21, 2009

George Duke - From Me To You

This is Duke’s first record for Epic Records. Duke himself states: “My first record for Epic. I tried to do a lot on this record! For me, the best tunes on this LP are the instrumental tracks. This was the first time I had a decent budget to do a record, so I went a little overboard - but I had grand plans! I wanted to demonstrate that I could orchestrate, write, sing, arrange, play keyboards and be funky, jazzy and heavy, all at the same time.” This album also marked a milestone in Duke’s career as it was the first time he collaborated with Stanley Clarke and Dianne Reeves. Zappa's influence is still felt quite heavily on several tracks and the musical diversity is still the backbone of Duke’s style. Personnel are: Personnel includes Duke on keyboards, pianos, synthesizers and vocals, Leon "Ndugu" Chancler on drums, Stanley Clarke on electric and acoustic bass, Byron Miller on bass, Mike Sembello on guitar, Emil Richards on percussion plus vocals by Dianne Reeves, Maxime Willard Waters, Julia Tilman Waters and Jessica Smith. Horns played by Ernie Watts and Bill Green on saxophones, flutes and piccolos, Bobby Bryant and Walter Fowler on trumpets and Glenn Ferris and Lou McCreary on trombones. Read more...

Track Listing:
1. From Me To You
2. Carry On
3. What Do They Really Fear?
4. ‘Scume Me Miss
5. You and Me
6. Broken Dreams
7. Up On It
8. Seasons (sampled above)
9. Down In It
10. Sing It
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  1. there is one track missing with guitar intro
    it is an instrumental piece wich is one of the best of that record