Monday, November 2, 2009

David Sancious & Tone - True Stories

Multi-instrumentalist David Sancious released his third official LP in 1978 on Arista Records. It was then reissued on CD in 2001 by One Way Records (sadly out-of-print). A spiritual album which transcends musical boundaries through its powerful compositions, virtuoso playing, spiritual themes and soulful singing. The trio format which he has been the basis of his preceding recordings remains the core of this amazing classic but there is a very strong vocal spiritual presence which makes this album unique. Personnel is David Sancious on piano, guitars, organ, keyboards, percussion, vocals and bells, Gerald Carboy on bass, Ernest Carter on drums and percussion, Alex Ligertwood (of Brian Auger's Oblivion Express and Santana fame) on lead vocals, Brenda Madison and Gail Boggs on background vocals. Produced by Eddie Offord (of Yes and ELP fame) and Sancious.
Track Listing:
1. Sound of Love
2. Move On
3. Prelude #3
4. On The Inside
5. Fade Away (sampled above)
6. Ever The Same
7. Interlude
8. Matter of Time



  1. This is an awsome album and could very well be my all time favorite. Since purchasing the album in the early 80's I've never tired of listening to this one. Thank you for considering this album as one of the musical missing pieces. I certainly agree with you.

  2. I agree, this is a master piece this world needs to hear. I do have the vinyl version with red-gold cover which sounds much warmer than the later release. A new release deserves that red-gold design, not this blue cover, created without love for it's content.

    David uses his analogue keybords like a conductor for orchestra.

  3. Amen to this one! what an incredibly uplifting album

  4. If I had been told in the seventies that one day this album would not be available I would have taken better care of my vinyl.

  5. My favorite David Sancious album as well.

    Saw him play with Sting several times.

    I have the LP as well. Thanks for your rip.


  6. can't thank you enough for sharing all the david sancious titles, for me true stories is a masterpiece, in my top 5 records of all time. deffo best to pick up the vinyl lp with the red cover, sounds better than the cd, and you can pitch it up slightly on "fade away" which makes it rock even more! :)

  7. My original vinyl LP from 1978 has the blue cover as seen on this page. One of the greatest albums ever, and Fade Away might be my favourite track of all time.

  8. Anybody know where I could find a factory CD ( used or other wise) of "True Stories" and "Just as I Thought". Went to look for mine a couple of daze ago and they were NOWHERE TO BE FOUND ????!!!!
    Still have pretty used LP's of them but I can't play LP's in my car...... ya know!!!!
    David changed my whole way of thinkin' bout how I played my music even on guitar.
    Greg Henderson

  9. Please re- upload - no link
    Glad to see so much appreciation for this LP, excellent music. Can't afford the used prices for the CD but may buy the Vinyl (again)