Monday, November 9, 2009

Caldera - Dreamer

Caldera released their forth and last album, Dreamer in 1979 produced by Eduardo del Barrio, Jorge Strunz. The super group continued to solidify an adventurous, captivating collage of heritage, ethnic backgrounds, amazing musicianship and superb writing, successfully interacting jazz, funk, and rock in a sort of concept album form. This time the band consists of keyboardist Eduardo del Barrio, guitarist Jorge Strunz, saxophonist Steve Tavaglione, bassist Greg Lee, drummer Alex Acuna and percussionists Mike "Baiano" Azevedo and Luis Conte. Guest musicians include George Del Barrio on electric piano, former member Dean Cortez on bass, Gino D’Auri on flamenco guitar, Kathlyn Powell on Celtic harp and Antonio Sanchez and Ernesto Herrera on palmas. Rip generously provided by Smooth from the former blog My Jazz World. Unfortunately this album has never been released on CD or downloads.
Track Listing:
1. To Capture The Moon
2. Rain Forest
3. Dreamchild
4. Celebration
5. Reflections on Don Quixote
6. Brujerias
7. Himalaya (sampled above)


  1. Great album, was searching for this one a long time. I've managed to acquire Sky Islands, Caldera and Time and Change on vinyl. I hope that this sublime music will ever be available on CD :0. Now for Moog Mass.
    Thx for the link.

  2. i have had a copy of dreamer on either 8 track or LP since 79. when will they see that there is a market for this and release it on CD. i have noticed that two earlier Caldera albums are now out on CD, if you don't mind liner notes in Japanese.