Monday, November 9, 2009

Caldera - Sky Islands

Caldera released their second album, Sky Islands in 1977 produced by Eduardo del Barrio, Jorge Strunz and Larry Dunn. The super group expands on the ethnic influenced compositions and comes across with a consistently superb follow-up to their debut album. This time the band consists of keyboardist Eduardo del Barrio (Argentina), guitarist Jorge Strunz (Costa Rica), bassist Dean Cortez (U.S.), saxophonist Steve Tavaglione (U.S), drummer Carlos Vega (born in Cuba) and percussionists Mike "Baiano" Azevedo (Brazil) and Hector Andrade. Guest musicians include keyboardist Larry Dunn of Earth Wind & Fire fame, little known at the time singer Dianne Reeves, drummer Chester Thompson of Weather Report and Genesis fame, Ralph Rickert on flugelhorn, percussionists Ray Armando and Steve Barrios Jr. plus a string section arranged and conducted by George Del Barrio. Rip generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World. Finally this album has been released on CD by EMI Japan and is available on limited quantities from Amazon and other sources as you can see below.
Track Listing:
1. Sky Islands
2. Ancient Source
3. It Used To Be
4. Pegasus
5. Carnavalito (sampled above)
6. Seraphim
7. Indigo Fire
8. Triste
9. Pescador

Buy it from Amazon US or Amazon France or from Audiophile Imports


  1. thank you :-) great Album

  2. where can i find, download, or buy the song seraphim from the sky island album? i know it said it's never been put on cd or for download, but there has to be something. please reply at

  3. Hi Junior Kelly, I think there is a link to it at!download|510dt|239224436||89854

  4. Excellent album,thanks.

  5. just noticed the cd posted in amazon (pre-release). one of my favorite albums. Fortunate to have a clean album and good vinyl to cd software.