Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stardrive featuring Robert Mason

Synth pioneer Robert Mason released this sophomore effort in 1974 on Columbia Records. It further develops the synthesizer as a lead instrument. Keyboardist, Robert Mason uses his multi-voiced synthesizers to create funky spacey innovative experimental sounds that really rock. The live energy of the backing real instruments makes this a kind of ELP (Emerson Lake & Palmer) without the organ. Now 35 years later and thanks to Wounded Bird Records this album sounds better now than it did when it was released. Personnel is Robert Mason on synthesizer, Howard Rego on drums, Harvey Sarch on guitar and Jaime Austria on bass.
Track Listing:
1. Funkascensions
2. Ballad I
3. Jupiterjump
4. Pulsar (sampled above)
5. Ballad II
6. Air Sauce
7. Ballad III
8. Journey

Buy it at Wounded Bird Records or Amazon Stardrive

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