Wednesday, November 25, 2009

George Duke - Follow The Rainbow

This funky 1979 release “Follow The Rainbow” brings Duke closer to pop and disco, but make no mistake, it really funks like a locomotive. You can feel the influence of Earth Wind & Fire, the gospel touch and the Zappa-esque humor mixed with jive from the neighborhood. This time the Brazilian influence is still present by the Latin percussion touch brings a new element into Duke's fusion melting pot. Like most of Duke’s releases, his jazz influences merge into the instrumental tracks and this release contains two amazing instrumentals, the Latin influenced “Festival” (sampled below) and “Corinne”, which evokes Ramsey Lewis’ “Sun Goddess”. Personnel includes Duke on keyboards, pianos, synthesizers, bassist Byron Miller, Ricky Lawson and Leon "Ndugu" Chandler on drums, Charles “Icarus” Johnson and Roland Bautista on guitars, Sheila Escovedo on percussion and vocals plus vocals by Napoleon Murphy Brook, Lynn Davis and Josie James plus horns by Jerry Hey on trumpet, Larry Williams on saxes and Eric Culver on trombone. This CD was only available as a Japanese import, but now it's readily available as noted below.

Track Listing:
1. Party Down
2. Say That You Will
3. Funkin' For The Thrill
4. Sunrise
5. Festival (sampled above)
6. I Am For Real
7. Straight From The Heart
8. Corine
9. Pluck
10. Follow The Rainbow
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