Monday, November 9, 2009

Head Heart & Hands - Flor Di Anglo

This is the second album released by the German-based group formed by members of Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Roy Louis on guitar, Guillermo Marchena on drums & vocals, Elmer Louis on congas & percussion, Wolfgang Schmid on bass plus Geoff Stradling on piano & keyboards, and Bobby Stern on sax. This LP was released in 1980 on Mood Records. As a follow-up this production looses a bit of the fusion steam of their first release and it includes some vocals, which don’t really help. It also includes the Venezuelan folklore song “El Diablo Suelto”, which seems totally out of context with the rest of the album. Nevertheless it completes the cycle of a very interesting band worth listening to. This CD release is still available at good prices from different vendors.
Track Listing:
1. Caribbean Shuffle
2. Stone Fruit
3. Sweet Secrets
4. El Diablo Suelto
5. Native Tongue
6. Daniel
7. Echoes of the Light
8. Flor Di Anglo (sampled above)

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