Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Idan Raichel Project - Within My Walls

Idan Raichel - Within My Walls
Led by Israeli keyboardist/producer Idan Raichel, The Idan Raichel Project seeks to give voice to the amazingly diverse blend of world cultures that comprise Israel's colorful musical landscape. Raichel was conscripted into the Israeli army where he joined the Army rock band and after completing his military service, Raichel started working as a counselor at a boarding school for immigrants and troubled youth. Notably, the school was filled with young people from Ethiopia who were part of Israel's growing community of Ethiopian Jews. Raichel began to fall in love and identify with Ethiopian music and culture. He also found that most of the immigrant boys he worked with were forced to shun the culture of their homeland in desperate hopes of assimilating into mainstream Israeli society. Inspired by this realization, Raichel began investing time in learning more about the many immigrant cultures that made up Israel. Raichel hoped to encourage his students and friends to embrace and live out their native cultural heritage. Meanwhile, Idan had become a successful backup musician and recording session player for some of Israel's most popular musicians. He decided it was time to pursue a project that reflected his richly multicultural musical ideals, and began working on demo recordings and The Idan Raichel Project was born, featuring the songwriting and production skills of Raichel, and the musical contributions from an amazingly diverse cast of players. The Idan Raichel Project burst onto Israel's music scene in 2002, changing the face of Israeli popular music and offering a message of love and tolerance that resonated strongly in a region of the world where headlines are too often dominated by conflict. After much success of the first two albums, in November 2008, The Idan Raichel Project released the album “Within My Walls” (Bein Kirot Beiti); an enchanting blend of Raichel’s poetic lyrics sung in Hebrew, Moroccan Arabic, Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole and Swahili with African, Latin American, Caribbean and Middle Eastern sounds coupled with beautiful arrangements and sophisticated production techniques. Contributions come from Colombian singer Marta Gómez, Cape Verdean luminary Mayra Andrade and the silken-voiced Somi of Rwandan and Ugandan heritage, a 24-piece arranged by Israeli arranger Assaf Dar who transposed this engaging melodies into an orchestral format, Middle Eastern percussionist Zohar Fresco, traditional flute and woodwinds specialist Eyal Sela, Mark Eliyahu on kamancheh (a traditional Persion fiddle) and legendary bassist Alon Nadel. The result is a deeply moving beautiful recording, overflowing with rich melodies, engaging poetry, stunning vocal performances and intricate arrangements based on songs which address the struggle for personal fulfillment and the true meaning of love in a conflicted and complex world.

1. Todas las Palabras (All the Words) feat. Marta Gómez
2. Bein Kirot Beiti (Within My Walls) (sampled above)
3. She'eriot Shel Ha'Chaim (Scraps of Life) feat. Amir Dadon
4. Mai Nahar (River Waters) feat. Anat Ben Hamo
5. Chalomot Shel Acherim (Other People's Dreams)
6. Ôdjus Fitxadu (With My Eyes Shut) feat. Mayra Andrade
7. Shev (Stay) feat. Maya Avraham
8. Rov Ha'Sha'ot (Most of the Hours) feat. Ilan Damti
9. Min Nhar Li Mshiti (From the Day You Left) feat. Shimon Buskila
10. Cada Día (Every Day) feat. Marta Gómez
11. Hakol Over (This Too Shall Pass)
12. Nin'al Be'Mabato (Locked in His Gaze)
13. Maisha
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