Friday, December 25, 2009

Thijs Van Leer - Introspection 3

This third collaboration between flutist and member of Dutch progressive rock group Focus, Thijs Van Leer and arranger/producer/composer Rogier Van Otterloo was released in 1977. The concept remains the same as in the first two installments of this series and the result is just as beautiful. It features Thijs Van Leer on Flute, the beautiful voice of Letty de Jong and the orchestra arranged and conducted by Rogier Van Otterloo. The album was conceived and produced by Ruud Jacobs and John J. Vis and it was recorded at the famous Dureco Studios, in Holland. This album has been remastered and it is now available from the great re-issue company BGO Records.
Track Listing: 
1. Reigen Seliger Geister
2. Roundeau
3. Adagio
4. Brother
5. Sicilienne
6. Rondo III (sampled above)
7. He Shall Feed His Flock
8. Focus V

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thijs Van Leer - Introspection 2

Flutist and member of Dutch progressive rock group Focus released the second partition of the "Introspection" series in 1975. This beautiful second collaboration with Dutch arranger/producer/composer Rogier Van Otterloo elaborates even further the concept of classical masterpieces mixed together with elements of pop music, including some originals by Van Leer himself, resulting in a beatifully crafted production. This production is available on CD paired with "Introspection 1". There is a remastered version on CD with a different cover, which is currently out of print.
Track Listing:
1. Goyescas No IV (Quejas - La Maja y el Ruiseñor) (sampled above)
2. Rondo II
3. Introduction
4. Siciliano
5. Focus III
6. Larghetto & Allegro
7. Introspection II
8. Sheep May Safely Graze
9. Mild Wild Rose
10. Bist Du Bei Mir
11. Carmen Elysium

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thijs Van Leer - Introspection 1

During his years of playing with Dutch progressive rock super group Focus, founding member, flutist Thijs Van Leer ventured into the realm on semi-classical music by joining Dutch producer arranger Rogier Van Otterloo. This LP was the first of a stream of productions they did together before van Otterloo's passing in 1988. The result was magical. The covers of classical musical pieces were done to perfection blending elements of pop music with the integrity of the masterpieces and viceversa, the original compositions sound as part of the same repertoire. Although corny at times and bordering on muzak (sometimes called "Elevator Music"), these beautiful and superb orchestral arrangements by Van Otterloo create a concept, which is attractive to any music lover, even the hard core fans of the group Focus. This production is available on CD coupled with their second rendition. The remastered version is no longer available on CD.
Track Listing:
1. Pavanne (Fauré Op. 50) (sampled above)
2. Rondo
3. Agnus Dei (from Mass in B minor JS Bach)
4. Focus I
5. Erbarme Dich (from St. Matthew Passion JS Bach)
6. Focus II
7. Introspection

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thijs Van Leer/Rogier Van Otterloo/Louis Van Dijk-Musica Per La Notte Di Natale

Since the raise to popularity of Dutch progressive rock super group Focus, it's founding member Thijs Van Leer has been balancing his musical career between his classical roots and his jazz-rock influences. On this release he teams up with pianist Louis Van Dijk and arranger/producer Rogier Van Otterloo to create this beautiful Christmas album, which according to the liner notes it is a compilation, but the whereabouts of the original releases is unknown.  The beauty of this album touches your spirit during the Christmas season and beyond. This CD is out of print. Note: Blogger filed a complaint regarding the posting of the shared audio files, thus the link has been removed.
Track Listing: 
1. O Jesulein Suss
2. Coventry Carol
3. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
4. Es Ist Ein Ros' Entsprungen
5. Maria Die Zoude Naar Bethlehem Gaan (sampled above)
6. Von Himmel Hoch, Da Komm' Ich Her
7. Er Is Een Kindeke Geboren Op Aard'
8. Away In A Manger/Ich Steh' An Deiner Krippen Heir
9. Hoe Leit Dit Kindeke/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
10. Concerto Per La Notte Di Natale
11. Urgen, Dagen, Maanden, Jaren
12. De Winter Is Verganghez

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tys Van Leer - Nice To Have Met You

One of the weirdest songs ever to sneak into the American pop charts was “Hocus Pocus” by Dutch progressive rock super group Focus, led by Thijs van Leer. The song peaked at number nine in the spring of 1973. From then until 1977 Focus had gained worldwide popularity so van Leer ventured into the solo jazzy field by going to New York and recording this album for Columbia Records. This was sort of his American debut. He even changed his first name from Thijs to Tys. The album was produced by percussionist Ralph McDonald and sax player Tom Scott and it mixed all of van Leer’s classical roots as a composer and flutist with his accomplished piano and organ playing. Personnel included a line-up of New York finest studio musicians: Ralph MacDonald on congas & percussion, Richard Tee on keyboards, Eric Gale, Eef Albers and Steve Khan on guitar, Anthony Jackson on bass, Harvey Mason on drums, Tom Scott, Michael Brecker, Alex Foster, Lou Marini and Ronnie Cuber on saxes, Randy Brecker and Jon Faddis on trumpets, Barry Rodgers on trombone, plus a string section & some background vocals. This rip from vinyl is generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World. Unfortunately this album has never been released on CD.
Track Listing:
1. My Sweetheart
2. Nice To Have Met You
3. Pastorale
4. Bahama Mama
5. Hocus Pocus
6. Tonight Beneath The Sky
7. Rosebud (sampled above)
8. Super Ffishell

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Focus - Focus 9 New Skin

After some 35 years after Dutch progressive rock super group Focus was formed, its founding member keyboardist/flutist/vocalist Thijs van Leer reunites with former member of the 70’s line-up, drummer Pierre Van der Linden to produce “Focus 9” in 2006. This time they enlist two younger players, Bobby Jacobs on bass and guitarist Niels Van Der Steenhoven. Together they manage to recapture the original sound of the band as if this production was a follow-up to any of their 70’s albums. The classic van Leer Hammond organ leads the baroque jazz-rock mixture typical of Focus although his distinctive flute is not a present as before and his yodeling and vocal effects have turned from the humoresque/burlesque to the grotesque. Van Der Steenhoven guitar playing, although not as raw as Jan Akkerman’s, (former Focus guitar player), brings a new dynamic rock edge to the band and Jacobs bass playing blends perfectly with the old school sound of Van der Linden drums. The songs are reminiscence of the main beautiful compositions of the old Focus repertoire and even incorporating various titles of Focus songs and albums and even from Van Leer’s solo work. This is a great effort to recapture the fan base and attract new listeners by going back to basics. Unfortunately, this CD is being sold at Amazon at ridiculous prices but you can find it at Red Bullet Records for 10 Euros.

Track Listing:
1. Black Beauty
2. Focus, Pt. 7
3. Hurkey Turkey, Pt. 2
4. Sylvia's Stepson – Ubatuba (sampled above)
5. Neils' Skin
6. Just Like Eddy
7. Aya-Yuppie-Hippie-Yee
8. Focus, Pt. 9
9. Curtain Call
10. Ode to Venus
11. European Rap(sody)
12. Pim
13. It Takes 2 2 Tango
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jacques Loussier - Pulsion

Jacques Loussier (born 26 October 1934) is a very famous French pianist and composer best known for his jazz interpretations of many of Johann Sebastian Bach's and other classical composer's works. In 1959 Loussier formed the Play Bach Trio along with Pierre Michelot on bass and Christian Garros. In 1978, the trio broke up, and Loussier set up his own recording studio “Miraval” in Provence, known as a gateway for the likes Pink Floyd, Elton John, Sting, and Yes. In 1985 Loussier re-formed the Play Bach Trio for the 300th anniversary of Bach's birth. Loussier released “Pulsion” in 1979. This is a piano and drums (Luc Heller) album that blends classical, jazz and fusion elements in a very simplistic almost sketchy way. Nevertheless, the result is interesting and consistent with Loussier’s classical background although it would have benefited from adding bass and more accompaniments. Perhaps this will inspire other musicians or Loussier himself to re-record some of these great compositions. This album has never been released on CD but as an interesting note, in 2002, Loussier filed a lawsuit against rap superstar Eminem and executive producer Dr. Dre, claiming that the beat for the song "Kill You", which appears on the CD The Marshall Mathers, was stolen from his composition "Pulsion”. This Rip from Vinyl was generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World.
Track Listing:
1. Pulsion
2. Soupir
3. Distraction
4. Cafeine
5. Mozart (sampled above)
6. Ludwig
7. Murmure
8. Secousse


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zbigniew Seifert - Zbigniew Seifert

Polish violinist Zbigniew Seifert (1946 - 1979) released this self-titled album in 1977. It was sort of his American debut. Produced by flutist Chris Hinze and bassist John Lee (of the amazing rhythm section of John Lee & Gerry Brown), this album resembles more Hinze’s and Lee’s albums of the time than Seifert’s predecessor production, but the result is a well put together productions with a huge cast of musicians. Personnel are James Batton, Dwight Brewster, Hubert Eaves III, Rob Franken and Mike Mandel on Keyboards, Gerry Brown on drums, John Lee on bass, Joe Caro, Stefan Diez, Reggie Lucas and Philip Catherine on Guitars, Chris Hinze on flutes, Mtume on Percussion & Vocals, Jon Faddis, Randy Brecker and Michael Lawrence on trumpets, Michael Brecker on sax, Dave Taylor on trombone and Chris Hinze on flute, plus vocals by Tawatha Agee and Cheryl Alexander. Rip from vinyl was generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World. Also check out more information about Zbigniew Seifert and a documentary done on his work at
Track Listing:
1. On The Farm
2. Quasimodo
3. Way To Oasis
4. For The Love Of You
5. Chinatown (sampled above)
6. Nasty Gal
7. Would You Ever...
8. Song For Christopher

Monday, November 30, 2009

Zbigniew Seifert - Man Of The Light

Polish violinist Zbigniew Seifert (1946 - 1979), affectionately known as Zbiggy, was one of the most promising figures of the jazz scene in Poland until his early death at the age of 32. He was a member of Tomasz Stanko's quintet (1969-73), Hans Koller's Free Sound and he recorded with Joachim Kuhn, Oregon, Volker Kriegel, Jasper Van’t Hof, Wolfgang Dauner and Charlie Mariano. As a solo artist his music ranged from free jazz to fusion to funk. Although he played sax, Seifert switched to violin and became known for his fierce improvisational style. This record was recorded in 1976 and it has now been remastered and re-released on CD in 2010 by Promising Music. Personnel are Billy Hart on drums, Joachim Kühn on piano, Jasper Van’t Hof on keyboards, Cecil McBee on bass along with Seifert on violin.
Track Listing:
1. City Of Spring (sampled above)
2. Man Of The Light
3. Stillness
4. Turbulent Plover
5. Love In The Garden
6. Coral

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

George Duke - Follow The Rainbow

This funky 1979 release “Follow The Rainbow” brings Duke closer to pop and disco, but make no mistake, it really funks like a locomotive. You can feel the influence of Earth Wind & Fire, the gospel touch and the Zappa-esque humor mixed with jive from the neighborhood. This time the Brazilian influence is still present by the Latin percussion touch brings a new element into Duke's fusion melting pot. Like most of Duke’s releases, his jazz influences merge into the instrumental tracks and this release contains two amazing instrumentals, the Latin influenced “Festival” (sampled below) and “Corinne”, which evokes Ramsey Lewis’ “Sun Goddess”. Personnel includes Duke on keyboards, pianos, synthesizers, bassist Byron Miller, Ricky Lawson and Leon "Ndugu" Chandler on drums, Charles “Icarus” Johnson and Roland Bautista on guitars, Sheila Escovedo on percussion and vocals plus vocals by Napoleon Murphy Brook, Lynn Davis and Josie James plus horns by Jerry Hey on trumpet, Larry Williams on saxes and Eric Culver on trombone. This CD was only available as a Japanese import, but now it's readily available as noted below.

Track Listing:
1. Party Down
2. Say That You Will
3. Funkin' For The Thrill
4. Sunrise
5. Festival (sampled above)
6. I Am For Real
7. Straight From The Heart
8. Corine
9. Pluck
10. Follow The Rainbow
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

George Duke - From Me To You

This is Duke’s first record for Epic Records. Duke himself states: “My first record for Epic. I tried to do a lot on this record! For me, the best tunes on this LP are the instrumental tracks. This was the first time I had a decent budget to do a record, so I went a little overboard - but I had grand plans! I wanted to demonstrate that I could orchestrate, write, sing, arrange, play keyboards and be funky, jazzy and heavy, all at the same time.” This album also marked a milestone in Duke’s career as it was the first time he collaborated with Stanley Clarke and Dianne Reeves. Zappa's influence is still felt quite heavily on several tracks and the musical diversity is still the backbone of Duke’s style. Personnel are: Personnel includes Duke on keyboards, pianos, synthesizers and vocals, Leon "Ndugu" Chancler on drums, Stanley Clarke on electric and acoustic bass, Byron Miller on bass, Mike Sembello on guitar, Emil Richards on percussion plus vocals by Dianne Reeves, Maxime Willard Waters, Julia Tilman Waters and Jessica Smith. Horns played by Ernie Watts and Bill Green on saxophones, flutes and piccolos, Bobby Bryant and Walter Fowler on trumpets and Glenn Ferris and Lou McCreary on trombones. Read more...

Track Listing:
1. From Me To You
2. Carry On
3. What Do They Really Fear?
4. ‘Scume Me Miss
5. You and Me
6. Broken Dreams
7. Up On It
8. Seasons (sampled above)
9. Down In It
10. Sing It
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Friday, November 20, 2009

George Duke - My Soul - The Complete MPS Fusion Recordings

George Duke’s career expands four solid decades melting the boundaries of jazz, funk, R&B, rock, fusion and even humoresque songwriting. As an accomplished performer, keyboardist, producer and singer he has worked on and he has produced successful albums and tracks for Natalie Cole, Smokey Robinson, Philip Bailey, Jeffrey Osborne, Deniece Williams, George Howard, Dianne Reeves, The Pointer Sisters, 101 North, Najee, Jeffrey Osborne, Take 6, Howard Hewett, Chante Moore, Everette Harp, Rachelle Ferrell, Miles Davis, Al Jarreau and Gladys Knight among others. His collaboration with Stanley Clarke even penned them the number one single “Sweet Baby” with The Clarke/Duke Project. He has also collaborated with some the best jazz musicians such as Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley, Billy Cobham, Flora Purim, John Scofield, Jean-Luc Ponty, Alphonso Johnson and he was a member of Frank Zappa’s band. But his solo career is where we find Duke at his best. His fusion of jazz, R&B, Brazilian rhythms, amazing song-writing and humor makes his solo albums treasures for any fan of these musical styles. His Fender Rhodes electric piano and his synthesizer sounds are unmistakable. Duke got his early career start at the European Label MPS and “My Soul - The Complete MPS Fusion Recordings” documents Duke’s chronological growth as a pianist, keyboardist, composer and producer on his six releases (less his 1966 MPS debut) grouped on four CDs. This testament of Duke’s career remains strong and compelling over three decades later. Six amazing albums put together, back to back, re-mastered and at a great price available at George Duke's website.

1971's “Solus (The Inner Source)” was a double album featuring two releases intended to be put out separately “Solus” and “The Inner Source” and it is the jazziest session of the box-set. It features bassist John Heard and drummer Dick Berk. Duke's collaboration with saxophonist Cannonball Adderley is evident as he mixes his trademark electric and acoustic pianos with the traditional jazz tendencies of his early career. On “The Inner Source” the influence of Duke’s participation on Cannonball Adderley’s band becomes apparent as Duke expands the band with Luis Gasca on trumpet and flugelhorn, Jerome Richardson on saxophone and Armando Peraza on congas.
“Solus / The Inner Source” - Original Track Listing:
1. Au-Right
2. Love Reborn
3. Peace
4. So There You Go
5. The Followers
6. Solus
7. Nigerian Numberuma
8. My Soul
9. The Inner Source
10. Life
11. Sometime Ago
12. Feels So Good (sampled above)
13. Manya
14. Sweet Bite
15. Twenty-five
16. Always Constant

Duke's next record, 1974's “Faces in Reflection” still features the trio format with bassist John Heard and drummer Leon "Ndugu" Chancler, but the influence of Zappa begins to creep into the more complex, challenging and rhythmically aggressive compositions. Duke begins to increment the use of synthesizers, clavinets and electric pianos as he utilizes those to compliment the textures of the recording and to perform amazing solos. His vocals appear as layered textures.
"Faces in Reflection"- Original Track Listing:
1. The Opening (sampled above)
2. Capricorn
3. Piano Solo No. 1
4. Piano Solo No. 2
5. Psychocomatic Drug
6. Faces in Reflection No. 1
7. Maria Tres Filhos
8. North Beach
9. Da Somba
10. Faces in Reflection No. 2
Buy "Faces In Reflection" at Amazon or ITunes

On “Feel” (1974), Duke begins to show his stronger tendencies towards fusion based on funk and R&B while extending the use of synthesizers and vocals. "Feel" features the same trio of bassist John Heard and drummer Leon "Ndugu" Chancler as in “Faces in Reflection”, but this time personnel includes percussionist Airto Moreira, singer Flora Purim and guitar solos by "Obdewl'l X" (Frank Zappa, playing under a pseudonymous).
“Fell”- Original Track Listing:
1. Funny Funk
2. Love
3. The Once Over
4. Feel
5. Corea Jobege
6. Old Slippers
7. Theme from The Opera "Tzina"
8. Yana Aminah
9. Rashid (sampled above)
10. Statement

Buy "Feel" at Amazon or Buy it at Itunes

“I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry” expands the funk/R&B feel in grandiose form while keeping the jazz-rock fusion element present at all times. Duke’s songwriting has become more focused on the pop-form and the extensive use of guitars makes this release stand out as a milestone in Duke’ career. Duke’s amazing chops and his extensive use of layered and solo synthesizers complement the influence of Zappa. Personnel includes percussionist Ruth Underwood, trombonist Tom Fowler, bassist Tom Fowler, percussionist Airto Moreira, singer Flora Purim and drummer Leon "Ndugu" Chancler with guest appearances from guitarists George Johnson (The Brothers Johnson), Lee Ritenour, Daryl Stuermer (Jean-Luc Ponty, Phil Collins, Genesis) and Johnny "Guitar" Watson.
“I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry”- Original Track Listing:
1. Chariot
2. Look Into Her Eyes
3. Sister Serene
4. That's What She Said (sampled above)
5. Mashavu
6. Rokkinrowl, I Don't Know
7. Prepare Yourself
8. Giant Child Within Us – Ego
9. Someday
10. I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry

Buy “I Love the Blues, She Heard My Cry” at iTunes

In 1975 Duke released “The Aura Will Prevail”, which resembles more the style of the album “Feel”. The power trio format returns with long-time partner drummer Leon "Ndugu" Chancler and the new addition to the band bassist Alphonso Johnson of Weather Report fame. Airto Moreria lends a large hand on the percussion department. Although this is a largely instrumental album with plenty of amazing solos and performances, Duke ventures again into the singing realm with great success and the rhythms contributed by Airto Moreira provide a beautiful back up for the Brazilian influenced compositions.

“Liberated Fantasies” released in 1976 is Duke's final fusion disc for MPS and as such it completes this cycle of Duke’s career by consolidating all the musical styles and influences that converged and paved the way for the rest of his career until nowadays. This melting-pot of fusion combines the jazz, the soul, the funk, the gospel, the Zappa-esque, the Brazilian, the keyboardist, the composer, the producer, the songwriter and the amazing pianist within Duke. Personnel includes Duke on keyboards, pianos, synthesizers and bass, drummer Leon "Ndugu" Chancler, bassist Alphonso Johnson, Airto Moreria on percussion, George Johnson, Daryl Stuermer, David Amaro on guitars, Emil Richards on marimba plus vocals by Napoleon Murphy Brook, Janet Ferguson Holf, Bonnie Bowden Amaro, Rashid Duke and Ruth Underwood.

Buy "My Soul - Box Set" at Duke's Website

More MPS recordings at: MPS-Love, Promising Music or MPS Germany

Monday, November 9, 2009

Head Hearts & Hands

Head, Heart & Hands was a group based in Germany formed by members of Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Roy Louis on guitar, Guillermo Marchena on drums & vocals, Elmer Louis on congas & percussion, Wolfgang Schmid on bass plus Geoff Stradling on piano & keyboards, and Bobby Stern on sax. This first LP was released in 1978 on Metronome Records and it showcases the talent of these musicians striving to make a statement on their own and achieving it through good writing and great performances. Unfortunately this item has never been released on CD. Rip generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World.
Track Listing:
1. Funky Bunker
2. Force (Part I & II)
3. The Source
4. Dahtz (sampled above)
5. Kayal
6. Convergence Of Unities
7. Bottom Line
8. Arauca

Head Heart & Hands - Flor Di Anglo

This is the second album released by the German-based group formed by members of Klaus Doldinger’s Passport, Roy Louis on guitar, Guillermo Marchena on drums & vocals, Elmer Louis on congas & percussion, Wolfgang Schmid on bass plus Geoff Stradling on piano & keyboards, and Bobby Stern on sax. This LP was released in 1980 on Mood Records. As a follow-up this production looses a bit of the fusion steam of their first release and it includes some vocals, which don’t really help. It also includes the Venezuelan folklore song “El Diablo Suelto”, which seems totally out of context with the rest of the album. Nevertheless it completes the cycle of a very interesting band worth listening to. This CD release is still available at good prices from different vendors.
Track Listing:
1. Caribbean Shuffle
2. Stone Fruit
3. Sweet Secrets
4. El Diablo Suelto
5. Native Tongue
6. Daniel
7. Echoes of the Light
8. Flor Di Anglo (sampled above)

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Caldera - Dreamer

Caldera released their forth and last album, Dreamer in 1979 produced by Eduardo del Barrio, Jorge Strunz. The super group continued to solidify an adventurous, captivating collage of heritage, ethnic backgrounds, amazing musicianship and superb writing, successfully interacting jazz, funk, and rock in a sort of concept album form. This time the band consists of keyboardist Eduardo del Barrio, guitarist Jorge Strunz, saxophonist Steve Tavaglione, bassist Greg Lee, drummer Alex Acuna and percussionists Mike "Baiano" Azevedo and Luis Conte. Guest musicians include George Del Barrio on electric piano, former member Dean Cortez on bass, Gino D’Auri on flamenco guitar, Kathlyn Powell on Celtic harp and Antonio Sanchez and Ernesto Herrera on palmas. Rip generously provided by Smooth from the former blog My Jazz World. Unfortunately this album has never been released on CD or downloads.
Track Listing:
1. To Capture The Moon
2. Rain Forest
3. Dreamchild
4. Celebration
5. Reflections on Don Quixote
6. Brujerias
7. Himalaya (sampled above)

Caldera - Time and Change

Caldera released their third album, Sky Islands in 1978. The production by Eduardo del Barrio and Jorge Strunz seems reached the perfect sound and concept of the band. This time the band consists of keyboardist Eduardo del Barrio, guitarist Jorge Strunz, saxophonist Steve Tavaglione, bassist Greggg Lee replaces Dean Cortez, percussionists Mike "Baiano" Azevedo and Hector Andrade. Guest musicians include drummer Alex Acuna who replaces former member Carlos Vega, Roberto Da Silva on Drums (on “Shanty”), Luis Conte and Akim Robert Davis on percussion, keyboardist Larry Dunn of Earth Wind & Fire fame, George Del Barrio on acoustic and electric piano, plus background vocals by Dianne Reeves, Michelle Willey and Ella Faulk. Rip generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World. Unfortunately this album has never been released on CD or downloads.
Track Listing:
1. The Arousing
2. Reviviscence
3. Mosaico
4. Magewind
5. Crosscountry
6. Passages
7. Dreamborne
8. Shanty
9. Horizon’s End (sampled above)

Caldera - Sky Islands

Caldera released their second album, Sky Islands in 1977 produced by Eduardo del Barrio, Jorge Strunz and Larry Dunn. The super group expands on the ethnic influenced compositions and comes across with a consistently superb follow-up to their debut album. This time the band consists of keyboardist Eduardo del Barrio (Argentina), guitarist Jorge Strunz (Costa Rica), bassist Dean Cortez (U.S.), saxophonist Steve Tavaglione (U.S), drummer Carlos Vega (born in Cuba) and percussionists Mike "Baiano" Azevedo (Brazil) and Hector Andrade. Guest musicians include keyboardist Larry Dunn of Earth Wind & Fire fame, little known at the time singer Dianne Reeves, drummer Chester Thompson of Weather Report and Genesis fame, Ralph Rickert on flugelhorn, percussionists Ray Armando and Steve Barrios Jr. plus a string section arranged and conducted by George Del Barrio. Rip generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World. Finally this album has been released on CD by EMI Japan and is available on limited quantities from Amazon and other sources as you can see below.
Track Listing:
1. Sky Islands
2. Ancient Source
3. It Used To Be
4. Pegasus
5. Carnavalito (sampled above)
6. Seraphim
7. Indigo Fire
8. Triste
9. Pescador

Buy it from Amazon US or Amazon France or from Audiophile Imports