Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gino Vannelli - Canto

Gino Vannelli - Canto

Gino Vannelli began his recording in the 70’s and he became really popular with his hit singles "People Gotta Move" and his classics "I Just Want to Stop" and "Living Inside Myself". But this secluded artist has always been able to amaze his fans and new listeners with his ability to innovate, create and sound unique, mainly due to his incredible musicianship and a wonderful and distinctive voice. So after an illustrious 30-year career, Vannelli took a huge leap forward and recorded “Canto” in 2003. Instead of going out and dredging up some moldy old standards, on a daring move he sat down and wrote his own, which is a lot more than you can say about some of the lifeless "classical" efforts done by some of his contemporaries. If growing old means going soft then might as well do it with integrity, soul and with a vengeance. The result is truly surprising and extraordinary and just beautifully moving. "Canto" expands Vannelli’s pallet both musically and linguistically as he also sings in Italian, Spanish and French but the emotion of his singing, the great compositions and the amazing arrangements transcend any language barrier. Vannelli’s low profile perhaps explains how little this gem of a production is known, but once again he has been able to reach deeply into our soul with his music. Musicians are: Gino Vannelli on vocals and piano, Joe Vannelli on keyboards, Randy Porter and Glenn Morley on piano, Janet Chvatal on vocals (Soprano), Daniele Bonaviri on guitar, Phil Neumann on flute, Fred Korman on oboe. Arrangements and orchestrations by Gino Vannelli, Ross Vannelli, Jorge Calandrelli, Don Sebesky, Randy Cannon and Glenn Morley.

Track Listing:
1. Canto
2. Parole Per Mio Padre
3. The Last Dance
4. Dea Speranza
5. Una Sola Voce
6. Wayward Lover (sampled above)
7. Mala Luna Dell'Armi
8. Joli Coeur
9. Una Rosa a Dicembre
10. Il Viaggio
11. The Last Days of Summer
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Roger Waters - Amused to Death

Roger Waters - Amuzed To Death

During my music conversations with friends, peers and music lovers in general I am amazed that in spite of the ageless popularity of Pink Floyd, many people don’t even know this amazing album exists, so I felt compelled to post it. But the best review of this album is found on AMG as written by Mike DeGagne: “Amused to Death is a solid album both conceptually and musically, showcasing Waters as an artist who, like his work with Pink Floyd, conveys his thoughts and ideals with pinpoint accuracy so that they are engraved within his audience's mind. With this album, Waters touches heavily on the dangers of capitalism, the insensitivity of the human race, the ridiculousness of war, and the onslaught of mindless entertainment that encroaches on mankind on a day-to-day basis. Fitting all these aspects into 14 songs is a task in itself, but accomplishing this task alongside music that is forceful and appealing is extremely difficult, and still Waters succeeds in doing this throughout the duration of the album. "The Ballad of Bill Hubbard" is a moving spoken intro from Alf Razzell, a former member of Britain's Royal Fusiliers. A stab at the false sense of security that lies within religion is dealt with on the powerful "What God Wants, Pt. 1," and the cowardice of the world's leaders is addressed in "The Bravery of Being Out of Range," one of the albums most blatant tracks. Guest guitarist Jeff Beck rises to the occasion on a number of songs here, and both Rita Coolidge and Don Henley fill in behind and beside Waters on a couple of the longer tunes. Ending with the title track (sampled below), a song that sums up the whole of the album with it's subtle yet hard-hitting demeanor, Waters proves that he can still reveal his conceptual ideas with pristine clarity, only on Amused to Death, the music is as equally entertaining and effective.” This masterpiece is not only a play set to music but a musical achievement of the highest caliber complemented by a profound statement into the professionalism of music production, recording and mixing techniques. The contrast between the musical mood and sound and the blatant lyrics transport the listener into a revolting ménage of sentiments deliver through hard criticism of life as seen on a TV screen. Produced by Waters and Patrick Leonard. Mixed by James Guthrie. Musicians are: Roger Waters on bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals, Patrick Leonard as producer, arranger on keyboards, Jeff Beck, Bruce Gaitsch, Steve Lukather, Andy Fairweather, Tim Pierce, B.J. Cole, Rick DiFonzo and Geoff Whitehorn on guitars, Jeff Porcaro, Graham Broad, Denny Fongheiser and Brian Macleod on drums, John Pierce John Patitucci, Randy Jackson and James Johnson on bass, Luis Conte on percussion, John "Rabbit" Bundrick on organ, Don Henley, Rita Coolidge on vocals, P.P. Arnold, Lynn Fiddmont, Doreen Chanter, N'Dea Davenport, Charles Fleischer, Natalie Jackson, Jon Joyce, Katie Kisoon, Jim Haas, Stan Laurel on background vocals, Guo Yi on bass, dulcimer, lute, oboe and zhen, Steve Sidwell on cornet, John Dupree, Kenneth Bowen and Michael Kamen as orchestra arrangers and conductors, the London Welsh Chorale and the National Philharmonic Orchestra, Jessica Leonard and Jordan Leonard on screams and voices, Alf Razzell as narrator and Marv Albert as the sports narrator. Listening on headphones or through big speakers at high volume is highly recommended.
NOTE: This album is not available digitally, so buy the CD before it dissapears!!

Track listing:
1. The Ballad of Bill Hubbard
2. What God Wants, Pt. 1
3. Perfect Sense, Pt. 1
4. Perfect Sense, Pt. 2
5. The Bravery of Being Out of Range
6. Late Home Tonight, Pt. 1
7. Late Home Tonight, Pt. 2
8. Too Much Rope
9. What God Wants, Pt. 2
10. What God Wants, Pt. 3
11. Watching TV
12. Three Wishes
13. It's a Miracle
14. Amused to Death (audio sample above)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

David Baerwald - Bedtime Stories

David Baerwald - Bedtime Stories

David Baerwald is well known as a collaborator of the famous “Tuesday Night Club” writing partnership with Kevin Gilbert, Bill Botrell, Sheryl Crow and others, which produced Crow’s most famous release bearing the same title. But following the surprise success, and sudden collapse, of the duo David and David, with David Ricketts and their first impression on the charts with the Top 40 hit "Welcome to the Boomtown", David Baerwald broke up the duo and released “Bedtime Stories” in 1990. Portions of the album were written and produced in union with Joni Mitchell’s mainstay Larry Klein, who also plays on many of the tracks. Baerwald's songs are literate, subtle, emotionally appealing passionate dark tales populated by often seedy characters struggling through daily life. His rough-hewn voice adds to the world-weariness of the material, but also conveys warmth and vulnerability. Bedtime Stories is a bracing collection that shines a light on desperate situations and characters with great dignity and musicianship. This album combines intellectual stimulation with an accessible pop-like slice of Americana with a sense of adventure rarely heard in rock of that era. It remains as current as when it came out 20 years ago. (Review exceprts courtesy of Tom Demalon).

Track Listing:
1. All for You
2. Good Times (audio sample above)
3. Dance
4. Hello Mary
5. The Best Inside You
6. Young Anymore
7. Sirens in the City
8. Liberty, Lies and Refugees
9. Walk Through Fire
10. Colette
11. In the Morning
12. Stranger

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Stomu Yamashta - Go! Live From Paris

In the 1970's, famed Japanese percussionist/composer Stomu Yamashta recorded a series of legendary (and long out-of-print) albums with his Go Ensemble utilizing the talents of a stellar and eclectic mixed cast of European and American musicians. Yamashta fusioned his percussion talents with jazz, electronic and cinematic classical music to create an ambient form of music all of his own while still leaving enough room for the contributing musicians to integrate their best talents and sound unique as ever. After the release of the album “Go” in April 1976, Yamashta assembled a band featuring collaborators Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve (Santana), Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream) and Al DiMeola (fresh out of Return To Forever and his first solo endeavours) to deliver a series of stunning concerts. The Parisian concert was captured and released as “Go! Live From Paris” in 1977. Musicians are: Stomu Yamashta on percussion and keyboards, Al DiMeola on guitars, Michael Shrieve on drums, Steve Winwood on keyboards and vocals, Klaus Schulze on synthesizer, Jerome Rimson on bass, Pat Thrall on guitar, Brother James on congas and percussion and Karen Friedman on vocals. Finally this progressive rock icon is available again. Read more at AMG.
Track Listing:
1. Space Song
2. Carnival
3. Windspin
4. Ghostmachine
5. Surfspin
6. Time Is Here
7. Winner/Loser
8. Solitude
9. Nature
10. Air Voice
11. Crossing the Line (sample above)
12. Man of Leo
13. Stellar
14. Space Requiem

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Manu Katché - Playground

Manu Katche - Playground
Drummer Manu Katche's sophomore effort for ECM maintains the musical concept of his debut for the label, “Neighbourhood”. The rhythm section remains intact, but while “Neighbourhood” embraced the star appearances of Jan Garbarek and Tomasz Stanko, “Playground” feels more like a band mainly due to the amazing interaction between Mathias Eick on trumpet and Trygve Seim on saxophones, whose restraint and reliance on gentleness complement Katche’s out of the ordinary funky backbeat, subtle fills and pulse. Katche’s subtle, complex and lyrical compositions have gotten stronger and more mature. The classic ECM sound is absent as sound engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug has been replaced by James Farber who also delivers a great recording. Musicians: Manu Katché on drums, Mathias Eick on trumpet, Trygve Seim on saxophones, Marcin Wasilewski on piano, Slawomir Kurkiewicz on bass and David Torn on guitar.

Track Listing:
1. Lo
2. Pieces of Emotion
3. Song for Her
4. So Groovy
5. Morning Joy
6. Motion
7. Project 58
8. Snapshot
9. Possible Thought
10. Inside Game
11. Clubbing
12. Song for Her (Variation)

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Manu Katché - Neighbourhood

Manu Katche - Neighbourhood
In the mid '80s Manu Katché’s amazing drumming style got indeed noticed by artist such as Peter Gabriel and Sting, with whom he toured and recorded extensively. These inspiring collaborations propelled Katché to an impressive and prolific career as a studio drummer. His list of credits is both impressive and diverse as Katché always provides superb unique grooves to any recording. After having played with his share of popular musicians he blossomed into the contemporary jazz scene as a backing force on many recordings for the ECM record label and finally he joined the label and released “Neighbourhood” in 2005 with the help from some of the same ECM stars he recorded with. The reflective, ardently lyrical mood of Katché's compositions is both naive and thoughtful and his percussive backing fierce yet subtle, carefully keeping a gentle pulse that paves the way for the space and dynamic reach of the group as a whole, beautifully recorded by the master of the ECM sound Jan Erik Kongshaug. Musicians: Manu Katché on drums, Jan Garbarek on saxophones, Tomasz Stanko on trumpet, Marcin Wasilewski on piano, Slawomir Kurkiewicz on bass.

Track Listing:
1. November 99
2. Number One
3. Lullaby
4. Good Influence
5. February Sun
6. No Rush
7. Lovely Walk
8. Take Off and Land
9. Miles Away
10. Rose
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat 20th Anniversary Edition

Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat\
Best known for such pop hits as the Oscar- and Grammy winning duets "(I've Had) The Time of My Life," with Bill Medley, from the film Dirty Dancing, and "Up Where We Belong," with Joe Cocker, from the film An Officer and a Gentleman, Jennifer Warnes has earned her greatest acclaim for this landmark collaboration “Famous Blue Raincoat” with songwriter/poet Leonard Cohen in what remains the ultimate tribute to Cohen's music. Warnes' voice is the perfect vehicle for Cohen's poetic lyrics of romantic longing and resigned despair. Her sweet timbre and sensuality complement to perfection the sharp edged, painfully romantic, tragic, fatalistic themes that have marked Cohen's finest and most characteristic compositions, many of which are featured on this collaboration. Cohen himself states: "Her voice is like the California weather--filled with sunlight, but there's an earthquake behind it". The re-mastered album offers four tracks not on the original release. Musicians: Jennifer Warnes on vocals, Roscoe Beck on bass, guitar and keyboards, Jorge Calderón, Richard Feves, Warren McRae and Dave Stone on bass, Jack Bruno, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Mitch Watkins, Gary Chang, Russell Ferrante, Bill Ginn, Oliver Marland, Smitty Smithm Bill Payne and Van Dyke Parks on keyboards, Robben Ford, Michael Landau, Doyle Bramhall, Greg Leisz, David Lindley, John Miles, Dean Parks, Fred Tackett and Stevie Ray Vaughan on guitars, Larry Brown, Deric Dyer, Steve Forman and Lenny Castro on percussion, Dave Boruff and Paul Ostermayer on saxophone, plus strings and background vocals.

Track Listing:
1. First We Take Manhattan
2. Bird on a Wire
3. Famous Blue Raincoat
4. Joan of Arc
5. Ain't No Cure for Love
6. Coming Back to You
7. Song of Bernadette
8. A Singer Must Die
9. Came So Far for Beauty
10. Night Comes On
11. Ballad of the Runaway Horse
12. If It Be Your Will
13. Joan of Arc

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hector Zazou- Songs from the Cold Seas

Hector Zazou - Songs from the Cold Seas
Hector Zazou (July 11, 1948—September 8, 2008) was a prolific French composer and producer. His vanguard legacy is sophisticated, jazzy, lyrical, charming, witty, avant-garde and cutting-edge framed with sparse instrumentation, unusual and eclectic instrumental timbres and colors with a distinctive combination of ritualistic, tribal, ethnic vocals and cinematic synthesizer textures. Zazou also incorporated the vocal talents of prominent artist in contexts far removed from their usual environments. His austere, somber and somewhat cold but equally enchanting “Songs from the Cold Seas” is a collection of songs depicting Arctic regions through his artistry and that of “Nordic” artists. Guest Artists: Björk, John Cale, Jane Siberry, Suzanne Vega, Lena Willemark, The Ainu Dancers of Hokkaido on percussion, Siouxsie Sioux, Brendan Perry and Barbera Googan. Musicians: Hector Zazou on guitar, keyboards, programming and electronics, Jan Johan Andersen on harmonica, Angelin Tytot, Budgie and Brendan Perry on percussion, Balanescu Quartet Strings, Pierre Chaze, Marc Ribot, Lone Kent and Barbara Gogan on guitar, B.J. Cole on pedal steel guitar, Guy Delacroix and Sara Lee on bass, Mark Isham on trumpet, Sargo Maianagacheva, Ivan Sopotchine and Jerry Marotta on drums, Ale Möller on mandola, Orlan Mongouch on balalaika, Harold Budd, Patrick Morgenthaler, Guy Sigsworth on piano, Renaud Pion on bagpipes, woodwinds and keyboards, Sakharine Percussion Group, Noriko Sanagi on koto, Sissimut Dance Drummers, Elisabeth Valletti Harp, Mari Kaasinen, Kirsi Kahkonen, Demnine Ngamtovsovo, Catherine-Ann Macphee, Tchotghtguerele Chalchin, Elisha Kilabuk, Claudie Amirault, Lioudmila Khandi, Sirpa Reiman, Marina Schmidt, Vimme Saari, Koomoot Nooveya and Tokiko Kato on vocals. Nice cover and design by Russell Mills.
NOTE: This album is not available digitally.
Track Listing:
1. Annukka Suaren Neito
2. Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu
3. The Long Voyage
4. Havet Stomar
5. Adventures in the Scandinavian Skin Trade
6. She's Like a Swallow
7. The Lighthouse Sioux
8. Oran Na Maighdean Mhara
9. Yaisa Maneena
10. Yakut Song
11. Song of the Water

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Jorge Pardo & Chano Dominguez - 10 de Paco

Jorge Pardo - 10 de Paco
"10 de Paco", released in 1995, is a tribute to legend flamenco guitarist and composer Paco De Lucia, featuring ten of his greatest compositions performed "sans" guitar by flamenco jazz musicians Jorge Pardo and Chano Dominguez who are part of a group of emerging musicians from the 80's referred to as "Los Jovenes Flamencos" (The Young Flamencos). Pardo and Dominguez are dominant figures in this fusion of flamenco and jazz resulting in an unprecedented and explosive combination of enchanting melodies, rhythms and improvisation. These two musicians have managed to amazingly transport the rooted music of Spain, which is mostly centered on the acoustic guitar, to their respective instruments flute, saxophone and piano and “10 de Paco” serves as the perfect conduit for this genre. Musicians: Jorge Pardo on flute and saxophone, Chano Domínguez on piano, Tino Di Geraldo on percussion, Javier Colina on bass, Luis Dulzaides on percussion and drums, El Conde on handclapps and Chonchi Heredia on vocals and handclapping.

Track Listing:
1. Solo Quiero Caminar
2. Chiquito
3. Rio Ancho
4. Zyriab
5. Tumbona
6. Se Me Partió la Barrena
7. Almoraima
8. Playa del Carmen
9. Monasterio de Sal
10. Cancion de Amor
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kittyhawk - Collection

Kittyhawk - Collection
Some fans of the group Kittyhawk have complained that the MP3's being sold don't sound as good as they should. One alternative would be to acquire this amazing collection, which sounds pretty good. Then you could complement with the missing tracks by downloading them. This collection also serves as a huge sample of this band's amazing creative work and unique sound. It comprises songs from the bands first three albums. There are bo songs from the 4th album entitled "Not a Moment Too Soon". Musicians: Paul Edwards: Chapman stick & vocals, Daniel Bortz: cello, fretless and fretted Guitar, Chapman stick, Richard Elliot: saxophones and lyricon and Mike Jochum: drums & percussion. Additional Musicians: Randy Strom: Chapman stick and Piano, Dan Desousa: keyboards, Steve Reed: percussion and Brandon Fields: saxophones.

Track Listing:
1. Bad Oscar
2. Blue Rider
3. Pavane
4. Chinese Fire Drill
5. Trutina Amor
6. Mariner
7. Big City
8. Bells of Talison
9. Kilimanjaro
10. Melting the Heart of a Winter Spirit
11. Fanfare for the Common Man
12. Race for the Oasis
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Kittyhawk - Not a Moment Too Soon

Kittyhawk - Not A Moment To Soon
Kittyhawk last release marked the end of an era for a group that had characterized itself with a unique blend of instruments and a sound prevailing with singularity. “Not A Moment Too Soon” shifted the group's sound into an emphasis on synthesizers and drum machines to the point that it makes you wonder if this is the same band thus culminating the cycle for this wonderful band. Musicians: Paul Edwards: Chapman stick & vocals, Daniel Bortz: cello, fretless and fretted Guitar, Chapman stick, Richard Elliot: saxophones and lyricon and Mike Jochum: drums & percussion. Additional Musicians: Randy Strom: Chapman stick and Piano, Dan Desousa: keyboards, Steve Reed: percussion and Brandon Fields: saxophones.

Track Listing:
1. Laetoli Wakers
2. Seven Pillars
3. Harmony in Red
4. Le Luxe
5. Darkness and Light
6. December People
7. Not a Moment Too Soon
8. Goodbye Variations
9. Jamaican Hearts
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kittyhawk - Fanfare

Kittyhawk - Fanfare
Fans of saxophonist Richard Elliot will be surprised that the artist famous for his Smooth Jazz sound once belonged to Kittyhawk, a group known for the unique blend of jazz and rock through a peculiar instrumentation, which consisted of the wide spread use of the Chapman stick (string instrument developed by Emmett Chapman), multi-layered guitars, soaring saxophone and Lyricon (electric wind instrument), harmonized or doubled by wordless vocals backed by powerful drums and bass groves. On “Fanfare” released in 1985 the sound of the band had softened up a bit perhaps due to the wide success of the sane Smooth Jazz Elliot moved to later on. Nonetheless this album still remains a landmark in the band’s short-lived span. Musicians: Paul Edwards: Chapman stick & vocals, Daniel Bortz: cello, fretless and fretted guitar, Chapman stick, Richard Elliot: saxophones and Lyricon and Mike Jochum: drums & percussion and Dan de Sousa: keyboards. The track "Fanfare for a Common Man", which is a version of Aaron Copland's classical work is not available for sale on the download version of the album but it is available on the Kittyhawk Collection.
Track Listing (as it appeared on the original album):
1. Fanfare for the Common Man (track doesn't appear on the version sold)
2. Pavane
3. Melting the Heart of a Winter Spirit
4. Trutina Amor
5. Bad Oscar
6. Blue Rider
7. Apollo
8. Mariner
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Kittyhawk - Race For The Oasis

Kittyhawk Race For The Oasis
Kittyhawk came about in the 80’s when Fusion, the genre, was either going out of style or it had evolved for the most part, into uneventful music. Although a lot of releases from that era sound dated, Kittyhawk’s Fusion style remains as vital as it did when their albums were released proving that their style and music complexity were a reflection of their talents and their uniqueness. “Race for the Oasis”, which came out in 1981 continues the unique blend of powerful drumming and soaring saxophone and vocals beautifully enhanced by fretless guitars and the singular use of the Chapman Stick Touchboard, a string instrument developed by Emmett Chapman which later was made even more famous by bassist Tony Levin (of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel fame). Musicians: Paul Edwards: Chapman stick & vocals, Daniel Bortz: cello, fretless and fretted Guitar, Chapman stick, Richard Elliot: saxophones and lyricon and Mike Jochum: drums & percussion. Additional Musicians: Randy Strom: Chapman stick and Piano, Dan Desousa: keyboards, Steve Reed: percussion and Brandon Fields: saxophones.

Track Listing:
1. Race for the Oasis
2. Wind, Sand and Stars
3. Bells of Talieson
4. Kings Crossing
5. Mo
6. Arroyo
7. Kilimanjaro
8. Mighty Steel, Modern Love
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kittyhawk - Kittyhawk

Kittyhawk founders Daniel Bortz and Paul Edwards came together through their mutual interest in the Chapman Stick Touchboard developed by Emmett Chapman. Bortz and Edwards enlisted two other like-minded instrumentalists, drummer Michael Jochum and saxophonist Richard Elliot who these days enjoys great success as a solo smooth jazz artist. Kittyhawk then released their debut album in 1980 and quickly evolved into a group that captivated audiences for their unique sound and instrumentation. Wordless vocals are often doubled or harmonized with saxophone as the drums provide a powerful support to the multi-layered guitars and Chapman stick that enhance the harmonic content. Musicians: Paul Edwards: Chapman stick & vocals, Daniel Bortz: cello, fretless and fretted Guitar, Chapman stick, Richard Elliot: saxophones and lyricon and Mike Jochum: drums & percussion. Additional Musicians: Randy Strom: Chapman stick and Piano, Dan Desousa: keyboards, Steve Reed: percussion and Brandon Fields: saxophones.

Track Listing:
1. Islands
2. Never Once
3. Chinese Fire Drill
4. Once Upon a Time
5. Big City
6. Wooed But Not Wed
7. Piper's Romp
8. Aerial View
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Vince Gill - These Days - Little Brother - The Acoustic Record

Vince Gill - These Days
Disc Four: “Little Brother” (The Acoustic Record) is the forth set of Vince Gill’s 4-CD outing “These Days”. It’s an all-acoustic and bluegrass-flavored group of ten songs full of banjos, dobros, mandolins, white southern gospel, and mountain music paired with simply recorded country ballads, all of which portrays a side of Vince Gill we rarely hear. On this disc Gill’s talent remains at his peak as his deep respect and reverence for his musical traditions along with his ability to write, play, and sing like an old master create the perfect close-out statement for this ambitious 4-CD set. But in spite of the departure from his usual country format, Gill’s songwriting and production approach make this “Acoustic Record” yet another landmark release dictated by his artistic signature amicable to all music lovers. Vince Gill on vocals and acoustic guitar solos│guests: The Del McCoury Band and Guy Clark│drums: Chad Cromwell and Billy Thomas│bass: Michael Rhodes, Michael Bub and James Allan Bartram│acoustic guitars: Jeff White, Del McCoury and Vince Gill│electric guitars: Tom Britt│mandolin: Ronnie McCoury and Vince Gill│harmonica: Jim Hoke│banjo: Robbie McCourey and Charlie Cushman│piano: John Hubbs│fiddles: Michael Cleveland and Jason Carter│dobro: Jerry Douglas│background vocals: Jeff White, Del McCoury, Sonya Isaacs, Gene Miller, Vince Gill, Kim Keyes and Will Owsley. Produced by Vince Gill, John Hobbs and sound engineering Justin Niebank.

Track Listing:
1. All Prayed Up
2. Cold Gray Light of Gone
3. A River Like You (sampled above)
4. Ace Up Your Pretty Sleeve
5. Molly Brown
6. Girl
7. Give Me the Highway
8. Sweet Augusta Darlin'
9. Little Brother
10. Almost Home
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vince Gill - These Days - Some Things Never Get Old - The Country & Western Record

Vince Gill - These Days
Disc Three: “Some Things Never Get Old” (The Country & Western Record) is the third set of Vince Gill’s 4-CD “These Days”. These are ten of the best classic fiddle-steel honky-tonk country songs you’ve ever heard done the way only country singers can and Gill delivers these performances in a way that even skeptics of country music would fell the temptation to sing along and enjoy. These songs are also a testament of the depth and versatility of Vince Gill's craft as a songwriter. Musicians: Vince Gill on vocals and electric guitar solos│guests: Emmylou Harris, Patty Loveless, Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski and Jon Randall│drums: Eddie Bayers and Chad Cromwell│bass: Michael Rhodes│acoustic guitars: Richard Bennett, Al Anderson and Vince Gill│electric guitars: Billy Joe Walker Jr., Stewart Smith and Vince Gill│fiddle: Stuart Duncan│tic-tac and gut string guitars: Richard Bennett│steel guitar: Buddy Emmons, John Hughey and Paul Franklin│organ and keyboards: Pete Wasnerand John Hubbs│percussion: Erik Darken│background vocals: Dawn Sears, Andrea Zonn, Wes Hightower, Linda Maness, Jon Randall, Patty Loveless, Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski, Leslie Satcher and Lee Ann Womack,│plus horns arranged by Michael Omartian and Jim Horn. Produced by Vince Gill, John Hobbs and sound engineering Justin Niebank.

Track Listing:
1. This New Heartache
2. The Only Love
3. Out of My Mind
4. The Sight of Me Without You
5. I Can't Let Go
6. Don't Pretend with Me
7. Some Things Never Get Old (sampled above)
8. Sweet Little Corrina
9. If I Can Make Mississippi
10. Take This Country Back
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Vince Gill - These Days - The Reason Why - The Groovy Record

Vince Gill - These Days
Disc Two: “The Reason Why” (The Groovy Record) is the second set of Vince Gill’s 4-CD “These Days”. It features set of 13 ballads that reveal the depth of Vince Gill's craft as a songwriter. The production on this set is outstanding and the subdued tone present overall creates a feel hard to resist. This is a groovy record not because it makes you dance but because it leaves you lingering for more. It includes contributions or vocal harmonies from some of the greatest female singers such as Lee Ann Rimes, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant, Alison Krauss and Diana Krall provided a wise counterpoint to his Gill’s husky tenor. All the songs are so good that most could be singles. It’s a record full of depth, dimension, warmth and honest emotion all wrapped up in pop shine. Musicians: Vince Gill on vocals and acoustic and electric guitar solos│guests: Lee Ann Rimes, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant, Alison Krauss, Diana Krall and Katrina Elam │drums: Chad Cromwell and Billy Thomas│bass: Michael Rhodes│acoustic guitars: Richard Bennett, Al Anderson and Vince Gill│electric guitars: Tom Bokovak, Al Anderson, Stewart Smith, Richard Bennett and Vince Gill│mandolin: Vince Gill│steel guitar: Paul Franklin and John Hughey│organ, piano and keyboards: Pete Wasner, John Hubbs, Jimmy Cox and Diana Krall│percussion: Erik Darken│background vocals: Bekka Bramlett, Gene Miller, Lisa Cochran, Vince Gill, Jeff White and Billy Thomas│plus strings by the Nashville String Machine arranged by David Campbell and choir. Produced by Vince Gill, John Hobbs and sound engineering Justin Niebank.

Track Listing:
1. What You Don't Say
2. The Reason Why
3. The Rock of Your Love
4. What You Give Away
5. Faint of Heart
6. Time to Carry On
7. No Easy Way
8. This Memory of You
9. How Lonely Looks (sampled above)
10. Tell Me One More Time About Jesus
11. Everything and Nothing
12. Which Way Will You Go
13. These Days
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vince Gill - These Days - Walking On A Big Chill - The Rockin' Record

Vince Gill - These Days
Vince Gill has distinguished himself with numerous Grammys including two for this release (2007 Best Country Album and 2006 Best Country Male Performance with the song “Reason Why”) and sales in excess of 22 million and he has reached country chart success with more than 40 singles. In 2006 Gill released “These Days”, a 4-CD set each with a different musical but all within the real of country music. It includes 43 new and original songs, each one so special in its own way. This unprecedented, gutsy, bold and ambitious undertaking collection is an artistic tour de force that displays Gill’s mastery as a songwriter, performer, singer, producer and musician. Gill enlisted the help of top rated studio musicians and guest artists such as Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Diana Krall, Rodney Crowell, Phil Everly, Emmylou Harris, John Anderson, Lee Ann Womack, Jenny Gill, Amy Grant, LeAnn Rimes, Gretchen Wilson, Guy Clark, Trisha Yearwood, Michael McDonald and many more. But the guest artists’ key role in “These Days” is more as background gifted musicians rather than stars mainly due to Gill’s personal relationships with most of them. "These Days" is a landmark album which traces the musical gifted abilities of one of country music's most versatile and diverse artists. Disc 1: "Workin' on a Big Chill" is as a straight out rock & roll record which exceeds anybody’s expectations, which also showcases Gill's guitar virtuosity. Musicians: Vince Gill on vocals and electric guitar solos│guests: Michael Mc Donald, Gretchen Wilson, Rodney Crowell, Del McCoury and Bekka Bramlett│drums: Chad Cromwell and Billy Thomas│bass: Michael Rhodes│acoustic guitars: Richard Bennett, Al Anderson, Tom Britt and Vince Gill│electric guitars: Tom Bokovak, Al Anderson, Stewart Smith, Richard Bennet and Vince Gill│archtop guitar: Richard Bennet│slide guitar: Tom Britt│fiddle: Stuart Duncan and James Carter│dobro: Paul Franklin│mandolin and banjo: Ronnie McCoury│steel guitar: Paul Franklin│organ and keyboards: Pete Wasnerand John Hubbs│percussion: Erik Darken and Chad Cromwell│background vocals: Bekka Bramlett, Gene Miller, Will Owsley, Vince Gill, Billy Thomas and Jenny Gill│plus horns arranged by Michael Omartian and Jim Horn. Produced by Vince Gill, John Hobbs and sound engineering Justin Niebank.

Track Listing:
1. Workin' on a Big Chill (sampled above)
2. Love's Standin'
3. Cowboy Up
4. Sweet Thing
5. Bet It All on You
6. Nothin' for a Broken Heart
7. Son of a Ramblin' Man
8. Smilin' Song
9. The Rhythm of the Pourin' Rain
10. Nothin' Left to Say
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mathias Eick - The Door

Mathias Eick - The Door
Norwegian Trumpeter Mathias Eick has worked with musicians like Chick Corea, Manu Katché, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Norwegian psychedelic rock band Motorpsycho and the jazz/progressive rock ten-piece band Jaga Jazzist. Just like his counterpart Arve Henriksen, he also encompasses many influences such as Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Jon Hassell, Kenny Wheeler, Tomasz Stanko and Nils Petter Molvaer. However his playing has developed his own characteristic sound full of lyricism, a strong musical sense and a beautiful tone that allows him to sound smooth at any register. Eick released “The Door” in 2008 as his debut on the ever innovative ECM label. This CD is characterized by great melodic content and an ambience prone to the development of edgy yet beautiful improvisations. Musicians: Mathias Eick on trumpet, guitar and vibraphone, Jon Balke on piano, Audun Kleive on drums, Audun Erlien on bass and Stian Carstensen on pedal steel guitar. Read a great review by Thom Jurek.
Track Listing:
1. The Door
2. Stavanger
3. Cologne Blues (sampled above)
4. October
5. December
6. Williamsburg
7. Fly
8. Porvoo
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Arve Henriksen - Cartography

Arve Henriksen - Cartography
Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen encompasses the tale of many trumpets. His playing might spark memory flares of Nils Petter Molvær, Jon Hassell, Chet Baker and even Miles Davis but his flute-like sound alone propels him into a class of his own. His minimalistic approach and his extensive musical concept create a serene journey into beauty. I had the chance of participating in a recording session with Enriksen in Norway and I was mesmerized by the sound emitted by his trumpet. It sounded like a Japanese or Indian flute. “Cartography" is a wonderfully realized, musically mapped study of land, sea, and sky through the ears of a very literate, wise, and wide-eyed sonic landscaper who understands the beauty, subtleties, nooks, and crannies of both ancient and modern musical values” (described by Michael G. Nastos on his AMG review). This CD reminds you what is like to feel the power of music discovery. A classic release by the ever innovative ECM label. Musicians: Arve Henriksen on trumpet, Jan Bang and Erik Honore on programming, sampling and keyboards, Audun Kleive on percussion, drums and programming, Eivind Aarset on guitar, Lars Danielsson on double bass, Verene Adronikov and Anna Maria Friman on vocals, Jan Berg on sampling, David on vocals, sampling and programming, Arnaud Mercier on electronics, Ståle Storløkken on synthesizer and sampling, Helge Sunde on strings, Vytas Sondeckis as arranger and the Trio Medieval on vocals.

Track Listing:
1. Poverty and Its Opposite
2. Before and Afterlife
3. Migration
4. From Birth
5. Ouija
6. Recording Angel
7. Assembly
8. Loved One
9. The Unremarkable Child
10. Famine's Ghost
11. Thermal
12. Sorrow and Its Opposite(sampled above)

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boz Scaggs - Fade Into The Light

Boz Scaggs - Fade Into Light
Boz Scaggs enjoyed success in the 70s with his hit "Lowdown" from his now classic album “Silk Degrees”. Scaggs spent the 80s in retirement until he resurfaced totally energized in 1988. Since then he’s been releasing new material, including “Fade into Light” in 1999, which is a magnificent album even if you never heard or liked Scaggs. It features unplugged and redone performances of Scaggs' classics with a completely different feel as well as some new tunes. The remakes are so well done that you don’t even miss the originals. His sultry raspy voice has encountered a new depth of performance, phrasing and dimension that involves you. The musicians’ contributions are also superb. Musicians: Boz Scaggs on vocals, guitar, keyboards and vocals, Michael Omartian on keyboards, Jai Winding, Greg Phillinganes and Kevin Bents on piano, Randy Kerber on piano, keyboards, string arrangements and conductor, David Paich (of Toto), Michael Rodriguez and Aaron Zigman on keyboards, Dave Carpenter, Nathan East, Neil Stubenhaus, James "Hutch" Hutchinson and Roscoe Beck on bass, Robben Ford, Dean Parks, Ray Parker Jr. and Fred Tackett on guitar, Jim Keltner, Curt Bisquera and Ricky Fataar on drums and percussion, Lenny Castro on percussion, Booker T. Jones and William McLeish Smith on organ, Norbert Stachel and Tom Scott on saxophone and Kathy Merrick and Lisa Frazier background vocals. Produced by Scaggs, David Paich and Ricky Fataar. Beautifully recorded by Michael Rodriguez, Chris Tavarez, Terry Christian, Dan Garcia, Paul McKenna and mixed by Steve MacMillan. Mastered by Bernie Grundman. Released as a Dual Disc with the entire album on enhanced audio and some videos on the flip side.

Track Listing:
1. Lowdown
2. Some Things Happen
3. Just Go
4. Love T.K.O.
5. Fade into Light
6. Harbor Lights
7. Lost It
8. Time
9. Sierra(sampled above)

10. We're All Alone
11. Simone
12. I'll Be the One
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