Saturday, July 3, 2010

Manu Katché - Playground

Manu Katche - Playground
Drummer Manu Katche's sophomore effort for ECM maintains the musical concept of his debut for the label, “Neighbourhood”. The rhythm section remains intact, but while “Neighbourhood” embraced the star appearances of Jan Garbarek and Tomasz Stanko, “Playground” feels more like a band mainly due to the amazing interaction between Mathias Eick on trumpet and Trygve Seim on saxophones, whose restraint and reliance on gentleness complement Katche’s out of the ordinary funky backbeat, subtle fills and pulse. Katche’s subtle, complex and lyrical compositions have gotten stronger and more mature. The classic ECM sound is absent as sound engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug has been replaced by James Farber who also delivers a great recording. Musicians: Manu Katché on drums, Mathias Eick on trumpet, Trygve Seim on saxophones, Marcin Wasilewski on piano, Slawomir Kurkiewicz on bass and David Torn on guitar.

Track Listing:
1. Lo
2. Pieces of Emotion
3. Song for Her
4. So Groovy
5. Morning Joy
6. Motion
7. Project 58
8. Snapshot
9. Possible Thought
10. Inside Game
11. Clubbing
12. Song for Her (Variation)

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