Monday, November 9, 2009

Caldera - Time and Change

Caldera released their third album, Sky Islands in 1978. The production by Eduardo del Barrio and Jorge Strunz seems reached the perfect sound and concept of the band. This time the band consists of keyboardist Eduardo del Barrio, guitarist Jorge Strunz, saxophonist Steve Tavaglione, bassist Greggg Lee replaces Dean Cortez, percussionists Mike "Baiano" Azevedo and Hector Andrade. Guest musicians include drummer Alex Acuna who replaces former member Carlos Vega, Roberto Da Silva on Drums (on “Shanty”), Luis Conte and Akim Robert Davis on percussion, keyboardist Larry Dunn of Earth Wind & Fire fame, George Del Barrio on acoustic and electric piano, plus background vocals by Dianne Reeves, Michelle Willey and Ella Faulk. Rip generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World. Unfortunately this album has never been released on CD or downloads.
Track Listing:
1. The Arousing
2. Reviviscence
3. Mosaico
4. Magewind
5. Crosscountry
6. Passages
7. Dreamborne
8. Shanty
9. Horizon’s End (sampled above)


  1. Amazing band! I can't believe I found this blog dedicated to this super band.Great Job ! Alberto Bellorin

  2. Thanks so much for appreciating the work. i hope you find other posts as interesting. Keep those comments coming!!!