Friday, October 2, 2015

Andreas Sandlund - My Everything

Swedish singer/songwriter Andreas Sandlund has worked as a musician (pianist & vocalist) collaborating with the best artists in Sweden. He has also collaborated on songs written by Andreas Carlsson (Britney Spears), Johan Åberg (Christina Aguilera) and Desmond Child among others. As a songwriter, besides writing for himself, he has written songs for other well-known Swedish artists through his collaboration with major publisher Warner Chappell Scandinavia, where he was signed for a number of years. To date, he has released 3 albums, “Destiny” in 2012, “Sacred Love” in 2009, “Diamond No. 1” in 2006 and several singles such as “Although I Love You” a remake of a well-known South Korean song, which Andreas was asked to do in 2014 by the South Korean label Some Music Korea. His single “Tänd ett ljus” with former winner of the major Eurovision Song Contest, Carola was released in 2013. His songs have also appeared on album by record labels in Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Russia and Slovakia. In 2014 Andreas devoted a lot of time writing music for various projects. He also visited South Korea for the first time, doing some promotion and various performances.
Now in 2015, Kithara Music in France has released a compilation album comprised of his most amazing compositions and his best works to date. The result is a heartwarming, fresh and beautiful set of songs immersed in a radio-friendly atmosphere. An incredible collection of original works embraced by pop rhythms, alternative stylings, beautiful vocals and sensibilities, which create a smooth contemporary vibe full of love, longing, sadness, happiness and everlasting emotions. Discover the fuzz around this sensible contemporary artist. The album is available worldwide only on CD Baby and in all digital stores in France.