Wednesday, November 24, 2010

David Baerwald - Bedtime Stories

David Baerwald - Bedtime Stories

David Baerwald is well known as a collaborator of the famous “Tuesday Night Club” writing partnership with Kevin Gilbert, Bill Botrell, Sheryl Crow and others, which produced Crow’s most famous release bearing the same title. But following the surprise success, and sudden collapse, of the duo David and David, with David Ricketts and their first impression on the charts with the Top 40 hit "Welcome to the Boomtown", David Baerwald broke up the duo and released “Bedtime Stories” in 1990. Portions of the album were written and produced in union with Joni Mitchell’s mainstay Larry Klein, who also plays on many of the tracks. Baerwald's songs are literate, subtle, emotionally appealing passionate dark tales populated by often seedy characters struggling through daily life. His rough-hewn voice adds to the world-weariness of the material, but also conveys warmth and vulnerability. Bedtime Stories is a bracing collection that shines a light on desperate situations and characters with great dignity and musicianship. This album combines intellectual stimulation with an accessible pop-like slice of Americana with a sense of adventure rarely heard in rock of that era. It remains as current as when it came out 20 years ago. (Review exceprts courtesy of Tom Demalon).

Track Listing:
1. All for You
2. Good Times (audio sample above)
3. Dance
4. Hello Mary
5. The Best Inside You
6. Young Anymore
7. Sirens in the City
8. Liberty, Lies and Refugees
9. Walk Through Fire
10. Colette
11. In the Morning
12. Stranger

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