Monday, June 14, 2010

Jorge Pardo & Chano Dominguez - 10 de Paco

Jorge Pardo - 10 de Paco
"10 de Paco", released in 1995, is a tribute to legend flamenco guitarist and composer Paco De Lucia, featuring ten of his greatest compositions performed "sans" guitar by flamenco jazz musicians Jorge Pardo and Chano Dominguez who are part of a group of emerging musicians from the 80's referred to as "Los Jovenes Flamencos" (The Young Flamencos). Pardo and Dominguez are dominant figures in this fusion of flamenco and jazz resulting in an unprecedented and explosive combination of enchanting melodies, rhythms and improvisation. These two musicians have managed to amazingly transport the rooted music of Spain, which is mostly centered on the acoustic guitar, to their respective instruments flute, saxophone and piano and “10 de Paco” serves as the perfect conduit for this genre. Musicians: Jorge Pardo on flute and saxophone, Chano Domínguez on piano, Tino Di Geraldo on percussion, Javier Colina on bass, Luis Dulzaides on percussion and drums, El Conde on handclapps and Chonchi Heredia on vocals and handclapping.

Track Listing:
1. Solo Quiero Caminar
2. Chiquito
3. Rio Ancho
4. Zyriab
5. Tumbona
6. Se Me Partió la Barrena
7. Almoraima
8. Playa del Carmen
9. Monasterio de Sal
10. Cancion de Amor
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  1. You forgot Javier Colina on bass :-)

  2. Thanks for the update, already revised. I hope you keep enjoying the blog.