Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kittyhawk - Not a Moment Too Soon

Kittyhawk - Not A Moment To Soon
Kittyhawk last release marked the end of an era for a group that had characterized itself with a unique blend of instruments and a sound prevailing with singularity. “Not A Moment Too Soon” shifted the group's sound into an emphasis on synthesizers and drum machines to the point that it makes you wonder if this is the same band thus culminating the cycle for this wonderful band. Musicians: Paul Edwards: Chapman stick & vocals, Daniel Bortz: cello, fretless and fretted Guitar, Chapman stick, Richard Elliot: saxophones and lyricon and Mike Jochum: drums & percussion. Additional Musicians: Randy Strom: Chapman stick and Piano, Dan Desousa: keyboards, Steve Reed: percussion and Brandon Fields: saxophones.

Track Listing:
1. Laetoli Wakers
2. Seven Pillars
3. Harmony in Red
4. Le Luxe
5. Darkness and Light
6. December People
7. Not a Moment Too Soon
8. Goodbye Variations
9. Jamaican Hearts
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