Friday, June 4, 2010

Kittyhawk - Race For The Oasis

Kittyhawk Race For The Oasis
Kittyhawk came about in the 80’s when Fusion, the genre, was either going out of style or it had evolved for the most part, into uneventful music. Although a lot of releases from that era sound dated, Kittyhawk’s Fusion style remains as vital as it did when their albums were released proving that their style and music complexity were a reflection of their talents and their uniqueness. “Race for the Oasis”, which came out in 1981 continues the unique blend of powerful drumming and soaring saxophone and vocals beautifully enhanced by fretless guitars and the singular use of the Chapman Stick Touchboard, a string instrument developed by Emmett Chapman which later was made even more famous by bassist Tony Levin (of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel fame). Musicians: Paul Edwards: Chapman stick & vocals, Daniel Bortz: cello, fretless and fretted Guitar, Chapman stick, Richard Elliot: saxophones and lyricon and Mike Jochum: drums & percussion. Additional Musicians: Randy Strom: Chapman stick and Piano, Dan Desousa: keyboards, Steve Reed: percussion and Brandon Fields: saxophones.

Track Listing:
1. Race for the Oasis
2. Wind, Sand and Stars
3. Bells of Talieson
4. Kings Crossing
5. Mo
6. Arroyo
7. Kilimanjaro
8. Mighty Steel, Modern Love
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