Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vince Gill - These Days - Little Brother - The Acoustic Record

Vince Gill - These Days
Disc Four: “Little Brother” (The Acoustic Record) is the forth set of Vince Gill’s 4-CD outing “These Days”. It’s an all-acoustic and bluegrass-flavored group of ten songs full of banjos, dobros, mandolins, white southern gospel, and mountain music paired with simply recorded country ballads, all of which portrays a side of Vince Gill we rarely hear. On this disc Gill’s talent remains at his peak as his deep respect and reverence for his musical traditions along with his ability to write, play, and sing like an old master create the perfect close-out statement for this ambitious 4-CD set. But in spite of the departure from his usual country format, Gill’s songwriting and production approach make this “Acoustic Record” yet another landmark release dictated by his artistic signature amicable to all music lovers. Vince Gill on vocals and acoustic guitar solos│guests: The Del McCoury Band and Guy Clark│drums: Chad Cromwell and Billy Thomas│bass: Michael Rhodes, Michael Bub and James Allan Bartram│acoustic guitars: Jeff White, Del McCoury and Vince Gill│electric guitars: Tom Britt│mandolin: Ronnie McCoury and Vince Gill│harmonica: Jim Hoke│banjo: Robbie McCourey and Charlie Cushman│piano: John Hubbs│fiddles: Michael Cleveland and Jason Carter│dobro: Jerry Douglas│background vocals: Jeff White, Del McCoury, Sonya Isaacs, Gene Miller, Vince Gill, Kim Keyes and Will Owsley. Produced by Vince Gill, John Hobbs and sound engineering Justin Niebank.

Track Listing:
1. All Prayed Up
2. Cold Gray Light of Gone
3. A River Like You (sampled above)
4. Ace Up Your Pretty Sleeve
5. Molly Brown
6. Girl
7. Give Me the Highway
8. Sweet Augusta Darlin'
9. Little Brother
10. Almost Home
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