Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hector Zazou- Songs from the Cold Seas

Hector Zazou - Songs from the Cold Seas
Hector Zazou (July 11, 1948—September 8, 2008) was a prolific French composer and producer. His vanguard legacy is sophisticated, jazzy, lyrical, charming, witty, avant-garde and cutting-edge framed with sparse instrumentation, unusual and eclectic instrumental timbres and colors with a distinctive combination of ritualistic, tribal, ethnic vocals and cinematic synthesizer textures. Zazou also incorporated the vocal talents of prominent artist in contexts far removed from their usual environments. His austere, somber and somewhat cold but equally enchanting “Songs from the Cold Seas” is a collection of songs depicting Arctic regions through his artistry and that of “Nordic” artists. Guest Artists: Björk, John Cale, Jane Siberry, Suzanne Vega, Lena Willemark, The Ainu Dancers of Hokkaido on percussion, Siouxsie Sioux, Brendan Perry and Barbera Googan. Musicians: Hector Zazou on guitar, keyboards, programming and electronics, Jan Johan Andersen on harmonica, Angelin Tytot, Budgie and Brendan Perry on percussion, Balanescu Quartet Strings, Pierre Chaze, Marc Ribot, Lone Kent and Barbara Gogan on guitar, B.J. Cole on pedal steel guitar, Guy Delacroix and Sara Lee on bass, Mark Isham on trumpet, Sargo Maianagacheva, Ivan Sopotchine and Jerry Marotta on drums, Ale Möller on mandola, Orlan Mongouch on balalaika, Harold Budd, Patrick Morgenthaler, Guy Sigsworth on piano, Renaud Pion on bagpipes, woodwinds and keyboards, Sakharine Percussion Group, Noriko Sanagi on koto, Sissimut Dance Drummers, Elisabeth Valletti Harp, Mari Kaasinen, Kirsi Kahkonen, Demnine Ngamtovsovo, Catherine-Ann Macphee, Tchotghtguerele Chalchin, Elisha Kilabuk, Claudie Amirault, Lioudmila Khandi, Sirpa Reiman, Marina Schmidt, Vimme Saari, Koomoot Nooveya and Tokiko Kato on vocals. Nice cover and design by Russell Mills.
NOTE: This album is not available digitally.
Track Listing:
1. Annukka Suaren Neito
2. Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu
3. The Long Voyage
4. Havet Stomar
5. Adventures in the Scandinavian Skin Trade
6. She's Like a Swallow
7. The Lighthouse Sioux
8. Oran Na Maighdean Mhara
9. Yaisa Maneena
10. Yakut Song
11. Song of the Water

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