Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kittyhawk - Fanfare

Kittyhawk - Fanfare
Fans of saxophonist Richard Elliot will be surprised that the artist famous for his Smooth Jazz sound once belonged to Kittyhawk, a group known for the unique blend of jazz and rock through a peculiar instrumentation, which consisted of the wide spread use of the Chapman stick (string instrument developed by Emmett Chapman), multi-layered guitars, soaring saxophone and Lyricon (electric wind instrument), harmonized or doubled by wordless vocals backed by powerful drums and bass groves. On “Fanfare” released in 1985 the sound of the band had softened up a bit perhaps due to the wide success of the sane Smooth Jazz Elliot moved to later on. Nonetheless this album still remains a landmark in the band’s short-lived span. Musicians: Paul Edwards: Chapman stick & vocals, Daniel Bortz: cello, fretless and fretted guitar, Chapman stick, Richard Elliot: saxophones and Lyricon and Mike Jochum: drums & percussion and Dan de Sousa: keyboards. The track "Fanfare for a Common Man", which is a version of Aaron Copland's classical work is not available for sale on the download version of the album but it is available on the Kittyhawk Collection.
Track Listing (as it appeared on the original album):
1. Fanfare for the Common Man (track doesn't appear on the version sold)
2. Pavane
3. Melting the Heart of a Winter Spirit
4. Trutina Amor
5. Bad Oscar
6. Blue Rider
7. Apollo
8. Mariner
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