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Gino Vannelli - Canto

Gino Vannelli - Canto

Gino Vannelli began his recording in the 70’s and he became really popular with his hit singles "People Gotta Move" and his classics "I Just Want to Stop" and "Living Inside Myself". But this secluded artist has always been able to amaze his fans and new listeners with his ability to innovate, create and sound unique, mainly due to his incredible musicianship and a wonderful and distinctive voice. So after an illustrious 30-year career, Vannelli took a huge leap forward and recorded “Canto” in 2003. Instead of going out and dredging up some moldy old standards, on a daring move he sat down and wrote his own, which is a lot more than you can say about some of the lifeless "classical" efforts done by some of his contemporaries. If growing old means going soft then might as well do it with integrity, soul and with a vengeance. The result is truly surprising and extraordinary and just beautifully moving. "Canto" expands Vannelli’s pallet both musically and linguistically as he also sings in Italian, Spanish and French but the emotion of his singing, the great compositions and the amazing arrangements transcend any language barrier. Vannelli’s low profile perhaps explains how little this gem of a production is known, but once again he has been able to reach deeply into our soul with his music. Musicians are: Gino Vannelli on vocals and piano, Joe Vannelli on keyboards, Randy Porter and Glenn Morley on piano, Janet Chvatal on vocals (Soprano), Daniele Bonaviri on guitar, Phil Neumann on flute, Fred Korman on oboe. Arrangements and orchestrations by Gino Vannelli, Ross Vannelli, Jorge Calandrelli, Don Sebesky, Randy Cannon and Glenn Morley.

Track Listing:
1. Canto
2. Parole Per Mio Padre
3. The Last Dance
4. Dea Speranza
5. Una Sola Voce
6. Wayward Lover (sampled above)
7. Mala Luna Dell'Armi
8. Joli Coeur
9. Una Rosa a Dicembre
10. Il Viaggio
11. The Last Days of Summer
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