Monday, May 24, 2010

Arve Henriksen - Cartography

Arve Henriksen - Cartography
Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen encompasses the tale of many trumpets. His playing might spark memory flares of Nils Petter Molvær, Jon Hassell, Chet Baker and even Miles Davis but his flute-like sound alone propels him into a class of his own. His minimalistic approach and his extensive musical concept create a serene journey into beauty. I had the chance of participating in a recording session with Enriksen in Norway and I was mesmerized by the sound emitted by his trumpet. It sounded like a Japanese or Indian flute. “Cartography" is a wonderfully realized, musically mapped study of land, sea, and sky through the ears of a very literate, wise, and wide-eyed sonic landscaper who understands the beauty, subtleties, nooks, and crannies of both ancient and modern musical values” (described by Michael G. Nastos on his AMG review). This CD reminds you what is like to feel the power of music discovery. A classic release by the ever innovative ECM label. Musicians: Arve Henriksen on trumpet, Jan Bang and Erik Honore on programming, sampling and keyboards, Audun Kleive on percussion, drums and programming, Eivind Aarset on guitar, Lars Danielsson on double bass, Verene Adronikov and Anna Maria Friman on vocals, Jan Berg on sampling, David on vocals, sampling and programming, Arnaud Mercier on electronics, Ståle Storløkken on synthesizer and sampling, Helge Sunde on strings, Vytas Sondeckis as arranger and the Trio Medieval on vocals.

Track Listing:
1. Poverty and Its Opposite
2. Before and Afterlife
3. Migration
4. From Birth
5. Ouija
6. Recording Angel
7. Assembly
8. Loved One
9. The Unremarkable Child
10. Famine's Ghost
11. Thermal
12. Sorrow and Its Opposite(sampled above)

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