Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jude Cole - I Don’t Know Why I Act This Way

Jude Cole - I Don't  Know Why I Act This Way
Jude Cole’s “I Don’t Know Why I Act This Way” was released in October 1995. This highly underrated 4th solo album is a solid, intelligent and very accessible mainstream pop/rock, full of great hooks, memorable melodies, complex arrangements and production and very poignant lyrics about a wide variety of human emotions and conditions. It’s a somber feel from his preceding efforts but this gem grows on you with every listen. As an example, the song "Joe" (sampled below) demonstrates Cole’s ability to portray an almost cinematic landscape through his songs as he depicts a regular Joe who goes to church, beats his wife, thinks of suicide while indulging into the fallacy of the American dream (Keifer Sutherland or "Jack Bauer" as some of you might know him, provides a low vocal on this song). But the album rages from the uplifting tone of “Believe In You” to the funky “Move If You’re Going” to the hunting “Heaven's Last Attempt”, truly not a wasted track. Musicians: Jude Cole on vocals, bass, guitar and keyboards, Jon Brion on keyboards and guitar, Steve Porcaro (of Toto fame) on keyboards, Pat Mastelotto (of Mr. Mister and King Crimson fame) on drums and percussion, Lyle Workman on guitar, Paul Bushnell on bass, Mark Goldenberg on guitar and organ, Michael Lawrence on percussion, Chris Botti on trumpet, Sally Dworsky and Samuel Llanas on vocals, Phil Parlapiano on accordion and Martin Tillman on cello. Produced by Ron Aniello and Kevin Killen. Recorded and mixed by Kevin Killen. Mastered by Bob Ludwig.
Track Listing:
1. Speed of Life
2. Believe in You
3. Move If You're Going
4. Low Life
5. Joe (sampled above)
6. Sheila Don't Remember
7. Take the Reins
8. Madison
9. Hole at the Top of the World
10. Heaven's Last Attempt

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