Thursday, May 6, 2010

Francis Cabrel - Samedi Soir Sur La Terre

Francis Cabrel Samedi soir sur la terre
The music of Francis Cabrel has always been characterized by simple elements, great songwriting, an acoustic guitar and a gentle voice. Cabrel is the French equivalent of a mixture of James Taylor and Mark Knopfler. His contemporary folk style incorporates elements of rock, blues, jazz and French pop rock. His second album, “Les Chemins de Traverse”, released in 1979 penned the single "Je l'aime à mourir," which earned him the recognition of worldwide audiences and the song even got translated to other languages as covered by other artists. His songs are carefully crafted and infused with a variety of influences and his renowned lyrics are sharp and poetic. “Samedi Soir Sur la Terre” is an Amazing example of all these characteristics smoothly brought together by beautiful instrumentation, great musicianship while the main focus is kept on Cabrel's voice, his guitar and his amazing songwriting enhanced by appropiate production and a beautiful recording. This is a master at his trade. Musicians are: Francis Cabrel on vocals and acoustic guitars, Michael Francoise and Denys Lable on guitars, Bernard Paganotti on bass and vocals, the great Manu Katché on drums, Gérard Bikialo on keyboards, Michel Gaucher on flute, piccolo and saxes, Denis Benarrosch on percussion, Nicolas Reyes of the Gipsy Kings vocals on “La Corrida”, Jean-Louise Roques on accordion, Thierry Caens on trumpet, Bruno Flahou on trombone, Andre Gilbert on tuba, Jerome-Julien Laferriere on clarinet, Eric Vernier on horn and Marina Albert, Carole Fredericks and Debbie Davis on background vocals. This album was mix by the great engineer James Farber.
Track Listing:
1. La Corrida (sampled above)
2. Assis Sur le Rebord du Monde
3. La Cabane du Pêcheur
4. Samedi Soir Sur la Terre
5. Je T'Aimais, Je T'Aime, Je T'Aimerai
6. Les Vidanges du Diable
7. L' Arbre Va Tomber
8. Octobre
9. Le Noceur
10. Tot Ou Tard S'En Aller
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