Monday, May 17, 2010

Jonatha Brooke - 10 Cent Wings

Jonatha Brooke - 10 Cents Wings
Singer and songwriter Jonatha Brooke began in the early '80s as a member of a female duo “The Story” along with Jennifer Kimball. By 1994 The Story had split up and Brooke began pursuing a solo career. She released her solo debut “Plumb” in 1995 and “10 Cent Wings” completed her transition to a solo career in great style. Although it might seem as if this solo effort was a deliberate attempt to emulate female singer-songwriters of the time, this album has great merit on its own. These are well-crafted pop-rock-folk tunes with beautiful melodies and poignant mature lyrics amazingly carried away by Brooke’s enchanting voice. This is evident on the most hunting track "Shame On Us" (sampled below). Producer Alain Mallet creates an excellent mesh of instrumentations that support Brooke’s compositions and vocals while this album is beautifully recorded and mixed by Kevin Killen, Elliot Scheiner and Bob Clearmountain. Musicians: Jonatha Brooke on vocals and guitars, Alain Mallet on keyboards and production, Gerry Leonard, Marc Shulman, Jon Brion and Duke Levine on guitars, Michael Rivard on bass, Abe Laboriel, Jr. and Ben Wittman on drums and percussion, Tom West on organ, Karl Berger as arranger and conductor, Jean-Baptiste Boclé on vibraphone, Peter Cirelli and Jeff Galindo on tuba an trombone, Rick Hammet on trumpet, Ingrid Graudins on vocals, Mindy Jostyn, Conway Kuo, Peter Weimer, Krystof Witek on violins, Ralph Sarris on viola and Garo Yellin on cello.

Track Listing:
1. Secrets and Lies
2. Crumbs
3. Because I Told You So
4. Blood from a Stone
5. Glass Half Empty
6. The Choice
7. Last Innocent Year
8. Shame on Us (sampled above)

9. Genius or a Fool
10. Ten Cent Wings
11. Landmine
12. Annie
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