Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jacques Loussier - Pulsion

Jacques Loussier (born 26 October 1934) is a very famous French pianist and composer best known for his jazz interpretations of many of Johann Sebastian Bach's and other classical composer's works. In 1959 Loussier formed the Play Bach Trio along with Pierre Michelot on bass and Christian Garros. In 1978, the trio broke up, and Loussier set up his own recording studio “Miraval” in Provence, known as a gateway for the likes Pink Floyd, Elton John, Sting, and Yes. In 1985 Loussier re-formed the Play Bach Trio for the 300th anniversary of Bach's birth. Loussier released “Pulsion” in 1979. This is a piano and drums (Luc Heller) album that blends classical, jazz and fusion elements in a very simplistic almost sketchy way. Nevertheless, the result is interesting and consistent with Loussier’s classical background although it would have benefited from adding bass and more accompaniments. Perhaps this will inspire other musicians or Loussier himself to re-record some of these great compositions. This album has never been released on CD but as an interesting note, in 2002, Loussier filed a lawsuit against rap superstar Eminem and executive producer Dr. Dre, claiming that the beat for the song "Kill You", which appears on the CD The Marshall Mathers, was stolen from his composition "Pulsion”. This Rip from Vinyl was generously provided by Smooth of the former blog My Jazz World.
Track Listing:
1. Pulsion
2. Soupir
3. Distraction
4. Cafeine
5. Mozart (sampled above)
6. Ludwig
7. Murmure
8. Secousse


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