Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Void (featuring Troy Roberts)

Void feat Troy Roberts
Troy Roberts’ amazing ascending career Troy also sustained a fruitful 3-year residency at The Llama Bar (Perth, West Australia) with his original project, "Void" (Winner’s of the PJS’s “Best Original Jazz Act Award” for 2005, and the “2007 West Australian Music Industry Award”). Void’s debut album was released on XenDen Music, the label owned by one Roberts’ closest friends, the late Alan Corbet (1964–2008). The result is a funk-based jazzy locomotive full speed ahead in a collision course with great compositions, virtuoso performances and an amazing integration within the group. Roberts’ unique voice and beautiful tone is complemented by the fierce finesse of the other members of the group. Although the mixing is a bit amateur and in a few instances the production could have incorporated more instrumentation, this release leaves the listener lingering with a feeling of having experienced something unique and expecting a new release. Personnel are: Troy Roberts on saxophones, Tom O'Halloran on keyboards, Dave Alderson on bass and Andrew Fisenden on drums.

Track Listing:
1. Intro: Say What? (sampled above)
2. London
3. Travel Bug
4. Conzuela
5. The Break-In
6. The 80's Cop Show
7. Interlude: The Eclipse
8. J-Lag
9. The Homecoming Song
10. Say When
11. In the Soul-jive
12. Finale: The Llama

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