Friday, October 30, 2009

Robbie Dupree with David Sancious

This very intimate and rare production released in 2003 features a duo between Robbie Dupree on vocals and harmonica and David Sancious on acoustic piano. They perform a collection of some of Dupree’s most memorable songs minus the hit “Steal Away”, which surprisingly does not appear on this production. These are well crafted renditions of Mr. Dupree’s repertoire simplified in instruments but enriched with re-harmonization, beautifully performed by Mr. Dupree’s silk vocals and Mr. Sancious’ smooth yet fierce playing. The mood of the whole collection makes it a pleasure to listen to even if you’re not a fan of Robbie Dupree and even if you have never heard these songs before. The is an artist exclusive release.
Track Listing:
1. Carried Away
2. Month of Sundays
3. Walls Come Down
4. This is Life
5. Return to Her
6. Wings
7. Desperation
8. Real Life (sampled above)
9. Sunny Day
CD available at Robbie Dupree's website or Robbie Dupree With David Sancious - Robbie Dupree

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  1. Robbie Dupree is one of legends in the Wesctoast Music style. All his albums are real good ones. This one is more accoustic.

    Mr Westcoast