Friday, April 2, 2010

Terry Silverlight - Wild

Terry Silverlight - Wild
Terry Silverlight began his recording career at the age of 14 when he played drums on his brother Barry Miles’s album "White Heat", an innovative harbinger of the fusion movement. Since then he has been involved with many facets of the music business and has contributed his musical talents as a leader, composer, producer, arranger, drummer, author and educator to projects in almost every style of music. He has performed all over the world and has played drums on gold and platinum recordings, movie scores and countless jingles and TV shows. He has also toured extensively with many artists and he has written, produced and arranged hundreds of pieces for network TV shows and songs recorded by many artists. Terry has also released a drum instruction book entitled "The Featured Drummer" accompanied by an audio CD of Terry playing the exercises backed by Barry Miles and John Patitucci. His band is continuously touring at several New York jazz venues. For such a prolific career, he has only released a hand-full of solo recordings. “Wild” is one of the best, demonstrating an explosive jazz fusion style very much like the recordings with his brother Barry Miles. Most of the tracks are smoking so this is a great album. Musicians are: Terry Silverlighht on drums, Charles Blenzig and Mike Ricchiuti and Paul Shaffer on keyboards, Hiram Bullock and Chuck Loeb on guitar, Will Lee on bass, David Mann and Edgar Winter on sax, Lew Soloff on trumpet and John Clark on french horn. Produced by Will Lee and Silverlight.

Track Listing:
1. Sparkey J's
2. Pugnacious
3. Brown 'N Serve
4. Windsurfing
5. Wild (sampled above)
6. Phantom of Bebopera
7. Yo
8. WTC
9. Insane
10. Closing
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  1. I learn a lot about Jazzfusion by reading your blog, thanks