Sunday, April 4, 2010

Terry Silverlight - self titled

Terry Silverlight
Drummer Terry Silverlight was well known in the jazz-fusion scene in the 1970s, appearing at a young age with his brother, keyboardist Barry Miles. Silverlight is an amazing drummer with great technique. He is well regarded as a session player and he has made a career as such and also writing and arranging for television and movies. On this 1997 release, Silverlight seems to have aimed for the radio-friendly so-called “smooth jazz” and he achieves that aim by mixing his studio production techniques, his synthesizer programming with his blistering drumming. Many people would ask why such an amazing drummer chooses to program drums for his own recording, but I am sure that Silverlight being a also a composer/arranger/producer made a calculated decision that his drum programming technique would be more applicable to some of this material than playing live drums on it.  There are a couple of burning tracks, “On Fire” (sampled below) and “Magic Rainbow”. If you like Smooth Jazz the rest of the album is for you. Musicians are: Terry Silverlight on drums, synthesizers and programming, Barry Miles on piano, Jeff Ciampa on guitar and Robert Kenmotsu and Danny Wilensky on saxes.

Track Listing:
1. Someday Beneath the Sun
2. The Love of My Life
3. On Fire (sampled above)
4. Planet Rhythm
5. Magic Rainbow
6. Soul Mate
7. Taking Twos
8. Peace on Earth
9. Let There Be Silverlight
10. Redwinged Sparrow


  1. "All musical styles"
    "Great music of many styles"


    it appears that the music here is all jazz fusion, I don't get your description

  2. Dear Rickdog: Thanks for your comment as it is the only way to judge the work I am doing. In a sense you are right, I have posted more fusion than anything else as I am going thru my collection one step at a time, but at the same time not all postings are fusion or jazz, there is The Dream of the Electric Guitars, Kevin Gilbert, Pages, Richard Page, Frost, Thys Van Leer, Focus, which are not fusion and I hope you can enjoy those also. I will take your advise thou and steer from fusion when I resume posting. Best regards and thanks for the comments.