Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Colosseum II - War Dance

Colosseum II War dance
Colosseum II third and last album, “War Dance”, released in 1977, finally conceives a concrete band sound and identity to such extent that the only vocal track, “Castles” sounds out-of-context with the rest of the album. The cohesiveness of the band is at its peak by blending the same jazz-rock fusion and progressive elements augmented by the players’ virtuosity and animosity for stretching the boundaries of their individual musical styles. Personnel are Don Airey on organ, synthesizer, piano, keyboards, Clavinet, Tubular Bells, Jon Hiseman on drums and percussion, John Mole on bass and Gary Moore on guitars and vocals. This production sealed the legacy and testament left by this supergroup. After this album, Colosseum II called it a day. The One Way Records CD release from 1993 is also out-of-print. But now "War Dance" is available on iTunes.

Track Listing:
1. War Dance
2. Major Keys
3. Put It That Way
4. Castles
5. Fighting Talk
6. The Inquisition (sampled here)
7. Star Maiden/Mysterioso/Quasar
8. Last Exit


  1. I have searched for this album and it is being sold for some riduculous prices so finally I found a link to the album. I hope everybody can enjoy it and later buy it when it comes our remastered.

  2. i found this cd in mexico , but it is a japanese version.