Saturday, January 9, 2010

Colosseum II - Electric Savage

Colesseum II Electric Savage
This second release by supergroup Colosseum II digs deeper into a journey of psychodelic jazz fusion mixed with progressive rock. The band proceeded to play with relentless passion blending their emerging distinctive individual styles with improved compositions always build-up around Moore’s guitar playing. Synthesizer solos are expanded as part of the band’s sound and Hiseman’s amazing drumming is superbly complemented by new bassist John Mole. This sophomore effort incorporates more instrumental passages and very few vocals. Moore’s singing on “Rivers” paths the way for what would be an illustrious solo career. Tracks like “Put It This Way”, “All Skin & Bone”, “The Scorch”, “Desperado” (heavily influenced by Return to Forever) and “Intergalactic Strut” lean towards the jazz rock fusion genre while “Rivers” and “Lament” reflect a hint of what the future held for Gary Moore’s solo career. The One Way Records CD release from 1993 is out-of-print. Now "Electric Savage" is available on iTunes.

Track Listing:
1. Put It This Way
2. All Skin & Bone
3. Rivers
4. The Scorch
5. Lament
6. Desperado (sampled above)
7. Am I
8. Intergalactic Strut


  1. I found a link to the out of print CD.

  2. i found this cd in Mexico, it is a japanese print. a division of universal music.