Friday, February 19, 2010

Toy Matinee

Toy Matinee
Toy Matinee was the brain child of the assembly of multi-talented musicians Patrick Leonard on Keyboards, the late Kevin Gilbert (1966 - 1996) on vocals, guitars and keyboards, Brian MacLeod on drums, Tim Pierce on guitars, Guy Pratt on bass and producer Bill Bottrell. By the time the record was to be released, apparently Patrick Leonard who founded the group wanted control of it so by asking the rest of the band to sign under his company, he dismantled the very essence of the band he wanted to form. All that was left was this amazing record and Leonard and Gilbert legally entangled. So when the record was finally released in 1990 it mistakenly appeared as if it was the creation of Gilbert and Leonard. Leonard moved on to working with Roger Waters on his “Amused to Death” album and Gilbert was left to defend and promote this incredible creation. Amazingly Gilbert went on the road accompanied by different musicians such as Marc Bonilla and even Sheryl Crow so that he could promote the release. To date this album has become a favorite of avid record collectors and lovers of good rock and progressive music. Its mass appeal consists on great compositions, amazing vocals, incredible musicianship and a bit of Americana. The re-released version of this CD includes several unreleased material such as the song “Blank Page” and early versions of “Last Plane Out”, “Things She Said” and “There Was a Little Boy”.

Track Listing:
1. Last Plane Out
2. Turn It on Salvador
3. Things She Said
4. Remember My Name
5. The Toy Matinee
6. Queen of Misery
7. The Ballad of Jenny Ledge
8. There Was a Little Boy
9. We Always Come Home (sampled above)

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