Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Michal Urbaniak - Serenade For The City (Serenada)

Michal Urbaniak - Serenade

Serenade by Polish violinist Michal Urbaniak was originally released in 1980. For those who loved Urbaniak’s fusion this production is actually closer to the so-called “Smooth Jazz” than anything he had done, perhaps as an inevitable influence or perhaps as an effort to jump in the wagon of that genre’s radio exposure. If taken at face value this is a very enjoyable smooth sounding Urbaniak. Traces of his fusion days remain but overall the combined driving force of his electrified violin and his wife’s, Urszula Dudziak, vocal effects has diluted itself as she only appears on a couple of tracks with uneventful results. Personnel are: Michal Urbaniak on violin and lyricon, Barry Eastmond and the late Kenny Kirkland on keyboards, Rick Galloway on percussion, Yogi Horton and Buddy Williams on drums, a young Marcus Miller on bass, Doc Powell on guitar and Urszula Dudziak on vocals and percussion on “Circular Road” (sampled below) & "Serenade for the City”. This production has been re-issued by the artist himself on his label UBX but with a different cover, some of the compositions have undergone a title change and there are 3 extra tracks not available in the original release.

Track Listing:
1. Bad Times (not found on the original release)
2. Circular Road (sampled above)
3. Nanava
4. Sometimes
5. Serenada (entitled “Serenade for the City” on the original release)
6. Mika (entitled “Samba Miko” on the original release)
7. Fall
8. Kasia (entitled “Joy” on the original release)
9. Vanessa
10. North One (not found on the original release)
11. French Kiss (not found on the original release)

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